Is it legal to use KidLogger?

KidLogger is a user activity monitoring and parental control system working by SaaS principle (Software as a service, web cloud based service). It might seem that user monitoring application and spyware have much in common. However, there are a few distinctive features telling about their difference. These two apps are designed for quite different purposes. Unlike spyware, the user monitoring application involves the following:

  1. informed consent
  2. computer ownership 
  3. parental stewardship

Let us consider two important use cases of user activity monitoring:

  • Home use case (Parental Control). Here you can supervise the Kids’ and teenagers’ (under eighteen) activity on the PC or in the Network. Do not forget about the phones your children possess, their monitoring is also important.
  • Office use case (Employee monitoring). You can monitor the company’s staff activity on the computers/notebooks or online (it also could be students from the universities).  Staff monitoring is connected with Mobile Device Management (MDM) implementation in an enterprise. Monitoring devices used in a company by the employee: phones, tablets, notebooks.

Home use case

Parental control applications, like KidLogger can be legally installed on the kids’ computers if they are under eighteen years of age. Also, by default all computers at home (this might be phones and other devices as well) are owned by parents, so it means they could install on it whatever they need for their own purposes. In any case, we advise you to obtain children’s consent if they are teenagers. In this case, you will show that you want to protect them and not to supervise.

Office use case

Employers may install monitoring systems and software (like KidLogger) on all computers that belong to the company. Basically, labor contract clauses state that the company’s PCs shall be used solely for business needs (thus, no personal information is allowed to be stored on the PC). Some labor contracts may even include the notes about monitoring systems to be applied. Even if it’s not introduced as a part of an agreement, monitoring is legal under certain circumstances and laws, since the employee that is supervised uses the employer’s office machines and equipment. Visit for more information.

When installed on a computer for purposes other than stated above, monitoring software technically becomes spyware. Spyware is illegal. Its use can result in both civil and criminal penalties.

Please, consult our Terms of Services to adapt them to your country's law. You shall take responsibility for all the activities that occur under your account and for illegal use of the KidLogger.