Kidlogger for Android

Parental control for Android

Install our parental time control app on your kid’s Android smartphones or tablets and start monitoring of their activities: web, games and chatting.

Find out what your child is doing online

The app allows you to record addresses of web-sites visited by the child.

Set schedule

Due KidLogger you can set the time for games, as well as select apps that your kids can use at any time to study.

Check the phone or tablet activity online

Detailed time tracking and productivity reports available online in your dashboard.

System requirements:

Android 2.0 – 2.2 - KidLogger v.1.5.30

Android 4.0 – 6 - KidLogger v.1.5.69

All KidLogger monitoring features for Android

  1. Total time your kids spend using the phone or tablet.
  2. Log Calls (Incoming, Outgoing ) with phone number and contact name.
  3. Log SMS text (incoming and outgoing)
  4. Log USB connection state
  5. Log opened Applications
  6. Log visited web sites
  7. Save phone coordinates for the day
  8. Auto starts when phone is restarted
  9. Log files viewer allows to browse log files on the phone
  10. The list of created photos
  11. Log and record Skype chats and calls
  12. Screenshots
  13. Blocking unwanted applications
  14. Optionally uploads log files to your account

Attention: KidLogger features for Android based on the selected package. Read more details here

How it works?

  1. Install APK file ( KidLogger.apk or KidLogger_for_Android_2_1.apk)
  2. Open Kidlogger from the application list 
  3. Configure application in order to connect device to the server. It can be both the phone and the tablet. 
  4. In the KidLogger window that opens setup settings and click "Start Log"
  5. Done.

Now you can configure application and set type of the log files you want to monitor: incoming/outgoing calls, SMS, web surfing, apps, locations GPS point with link to Google maps.

All texts and keystrokes typed will be recorded to the log within KidLogger.

Also other phone activities are now logged into the log files separated by days.


Dialer Kidlogger Kidlogger Log files view log file

KidLogger PRO with advanced spy features (For Professional account)

In addition records calls in audio tracks and photos taken by camera. Logs messengers chats like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facebook and other chat log. Invisible and hidden for target user. Has unrecognizable name and view. Don't be a spy - rent kidlogger pro.

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