Demo is a free service that provides monitoring of user activity on a PC, Mac, or mobile phone Android. Register now to view user’s activity online at The Activity Log is collected, stored, and analyzed online at the server.

How to Get Started:  

  1. Register online, login into your account on KidLogger.
  2. Download and Install KidLogger monitoring application on any target computer or notebook, tablet or mobile phone.
  3. Connect it with your account on
    Open KidLogger > Options > Connect to KidLogger's account: Enter your email for and click Connect (test connection). The computer name then will appear in your dashboard online.
  4. Start the application.
  5. KidLogger records everything on the monitored computer or phone.
  6. All user activity logs are sent to your online account. Overview them online from everywhere.
Knowledge base

How to monitor user activity (Windows)

Mac surveillance

How to trace activity on phones and tablets (Android)


Log in and monitor your registered devices. Manage them with the help of your Dashboard. You can also enjoy particularly advantageous analytics that is carefully collected and filtered. Thus, you can save your time and overview of accessible activity log. 

User activity analytics:

Basic account:

Standard and Professional accounts:


Dashboard - is your operator panel designed to overview all monitored devices: computers, phones, tablets, and laptops. Now you can connect a new device in your online account. Install the Kidlogger agent on your child's device and connect it to your Kidlogger account using your email address. The dashboard displays a list of computers and mobiles you intend to monitor, control and supervise. Here you can also check for the device status.
In a list of devices, each of the devices has its own Activity Icon. The Icon is of green color if the user is active, i.e. the device is on and the user is working by it. If the Activity Icon is gray, it means that either the computer is off, or the user is not active.

You should bear in mind that by default the upload interval is 15 minutes (or less) which guarantees that the Activity Icon will indicate the actual status of the device. If you increase this interval, the Activity Icon might give you the wrong status. Dashboard listed computers and mobiles you intend to monitor, control, and supervise.


Device name (ID) – any of your Windows, Mac or Mobile phone names that you are going to monitor. You may change this name and ID to a simpler one if you wish.

mail reports

Email reports create a new report schedule and receive easy-to-use analytics.

Analytics shows days in log, hours spent on computer, web surf, keystrokes, launched applications, opened files and folders, conversations (calls, SMS/MMS, Skype chats, recorded calls in *3gp). Screenshots are available for Windows and Mac, Android users can overview the photos, recorded voices and Skype calls for Windows, calls from Android; Windows and Mac take photos each time you log in and out.  


  Note: The User Activity table displays idle and active days of the device you monitor. Dates marked with blue squares show the days the targeted computer or phone was on. Select any of the marked days to overview Activity Log for this particular day.  Below the dates, you see the working hours of the device during the day you selected. Click any hour to view log data and records. To go through pages of user's Activity data, make a few clicks. The search phrase engine will help you find the targeted log data by introducing the word you are interested in (if available, the log requested will appear automatically). Activity Type selector allows filtering records by activity type: Application, Web, Messages, Keyboard, Calls, Media data, Files, Coordinates, System. 


KidLogger Analytics block contains:


Log view

Shows Log received from the device. Any user activity during the day in chronological order.


KidLogger agent periodically makes screen captures and webcam photos.

This feature is accessible for Windows and macOS, monitoring applications. For Android, you can view the taken photos and uploaded photos from the Internet.


Internet history

 The server process websites and arrange them in order of most often visited. This table shows the total time spent on the website. 

Daily usage

You can control how many hours the user daily works on the device. Working days during the month.

If the device is turned on but not in use, the app will not initialize the user's activity log. Inactive hours will be empty. You can see the average working hours, maximum/minimum hours of use. 



List of applications and duration of use during the working hours on any device.


Opened and used files and folders. This feature is planned for a future release.
Files analytics


Calls (incoming/outgoing), SMS and Skype chats;


To overview the texts of IM conversations (e.g. Skype, ICQ, Yahoo messenger, MSN Windows Live messenger), SMS you should select Messages in Activity type filter (Log). The keystrokes typed can be viewed in the Keyboard using the same Activity type filter. Use a search engine to find user activity you are interested in.

Recorded voices

Record voices near the computers and laptops, Skype calls and phone calls. List of 3gp and mp3 media files.


Shows, how many symbols were typed in different applications. Accessible for Mac, Android in Professional subscription. On Windows, works with older versions of Kidlogger agent (before 19 July 2023).


 Records GPS coordinates, now you can view step by step movement of the target device. The GPS points are listed in your account, click any to overview it on Google Map. The chosen point takes green color. 

Your device will use GPS, wireless LAN and cell towers to get accurate coordinates, the way of tracking depends on configuration.

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