I can not see the updates of journal files in the Dashboard

1. Verify please if KidLogger application is running.

  • On Windows: Make a right click on the taskbar and launch the Task Manager. Go to tab Processes and find KidLogger.exe.
  • On macOS X: Launch please Activity monitor application Find KidLogger application in activity processes.
  • On Android device: On Android 2: Launch Menu, Settings, Applications, Running services. On Android 4: Launch Menu, Settings, Apps, Running. 
  • If KidLogger application is missing in this list, it means, that it was not launched by You, or was stopped by somebody or by something.
  • If the application is running, go to article 4. If it is missing, but you know exactly, that you have launched it, go to arts 2 and 3.

2. Verify please, if any anti-virus software is installed on the computer.

  • If yes, it can recognize the Kidlogger application as a virus or a spyware. Usually, in these cases an anti-virus application shows a notification on the screen.
  • If this AV application has a list of exceptions, add Kidlogger.exe and Kidlog.dll(in Windows) or Kidlogger.app(in MAC OS X)to this list. For Android devices configure antivirus to ignore KidLogger Monitoring Agent application

3. The Application was turned off or removed by the target user.

  • Very often our children are mastering the computers and phones more quickly than we are doing it, so there is no hope that they will never find out, that we are looking after them. You need to launch the application and verify, is Start button active or not. If yes, it means, that application was stopped by the user. To find out how to hide the application in Windows, go to this article. For MAC users - here.
  • On Android devices KidLogger application can not be completely hidden. You can install KidLogger PRO application, instead of simple KidLogger. For more info click here.
  • For other platforms(iOS, Symbian, Blackberry) it is impossible to hide KidLogger application. You can use it only by agreement with your children.

4. Verify, if Internet connection is ON.

  • For good sending of the log files, your computer must be permanently connected to the Internet. For Android devices it is recommended not to disconnect Wi-Fi in sleeping mode. If you are connecting only periodically, you will be able to view the user’s activity only on this computer, i.e. not from a distance.
  • To view the log files and screenshots, launch KidLogger application, click on the button “View current log” or “open log folder”. Here you can find the folders of users, who you supervise, and inside it - journal files with .html extension, audio files with .mp3 extension and screenshots (.jpg images).