Troubleshooting Kidlogger PRO for Android

This error can appear in Android 11 if previously there was installed an old version of the Kidlogger PRO application. You need to clear the traces of the old application in the phone's memory:
  1. Open the Settings of the phone, Applications, System Android;
  2. Open Memory section for this application. Click the Clear cache or Clear memory link or button;
  3. Try again to launch the System Android in Settings, Accessibility, System Android, Settings.

It happens that the Kidlogger PRO program is removed by an antivirus, or it disappears when the phone is reset to factory settings. But maybe there is simply no connection to the Internet on the child's phone.

How can we get known remotely if the KidLogger PRO program is still working or is it disabled (removed)?

  • Install the Remote control program on your own phone. (Read here)
  • Click the Configuration button.
  • Enter your child's phone number, your number, and the device ID from the server.

  • In order to find the device ID, go to the server in your account and find the 8-character code under the device name
  • Then click the Test connection button. If the Kidlogger PRO program is still running on the child's phone, the message Connection is OK will appear in a few seconds.

In order for everything to work, you and your child's phone must be able to send SMS.
If you see a message as in the screenshot below, it means that this phone will inform the user every time, that the KidLogger PRO tries to take a screenshot. In Android 6-9 there was a checkbox "Never ask again". In Android 10 and newer it is missing. SO you can not prevent this message to appear next time.

To ensure the confidentiality, it is recommended to disable the screenshot creation on this phone. You can do this from the server side on the Settings page.

Starting with Android 10, the procedure for recording sounds by third-party applications has changed. Now, sound recording is possible only with an additional microphone, which normally is used for noise reduction. To record sounds, the phone needs a system function called Voice Recognition. Some phone firmware does not have this feature to save power and reduce the load on the processor. For example, on the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite phone.

On such phones, recording sounds with third-party programs is not possible. To check, you can try installing the ACR Cube call recorder program on your phone. It also uses the Voice Recognition procedure.

If this program is compatible with your phone, then Kidlogger PRO will also be able to record the conversation. If it is incompatible, then this phone cannot be used to record sounds and conversations. Although other functions of Kidlogger PRO will work.

Why there are many records like "Logging started by system" in log files? There may be several causes, when KidLogger PRO shows this message in log file and doesn't work correctly:
  1. Some incompatible applications are installed on target phone/tablet: Anti-viruses, memory cleaners, optimizers. If you see such an application, try to add KidLogger PRO to its list of exceptions, if it is impossible, uninstall this application. Read more about anti-viruses and optimizers
  2. The phone is overloaded with applications. No free memory to launch KidLogger services and processes. Uninstall some big programs or perform a factory reset of the phone (Settings, Backup and reset, factory reset). After the reset, you must install KidLogger PRO and its modules again.
  3. Embedded memory-optimizing and power-saving applications. When a big application works, Android stops background processes to provide it the power and memory. KidLogger PRO works in background and therefore may be closed by system first.

How to disable internal power-saving features regarding KidLogger PRO and its modules at different phones.

  • Possible, some features are switched off. Log into your user profile on the server and open the Settings page. Switch the Log calls on. Save the settings and restart the target phone.
  • On the phone must not be installed another call-recording applications. You have to uninstall or disable it.
  • The phone should not be overloaded with applications and files. You have to clear his phone from files and programs.
  • Possible, some records were corrupted during the transmission or not sent. You can find them on target phone: Launch KidLogger application, Preview log file, Audio list tab.
  • On a phone, it may be downloaded as .html file. You should change its extension from .html to .3gp.
  • If you see the message "Voice recognition is not supported" in the event log, it means that calls cannot be recorded on this phone at all.
  • Starting from Android 5, all programs in the system are disallowed recording voice from the line. All that remains is the microphone recording. However, the KidLogger PRO program requests sound from the line just in case. If the manufacturer or the firmware of the phone does not comply with the Google requirement, then the recording is possible. Now, it is impossible to say for sure which phone models will record incoming voice and which will not. This can be understood only by installing the KidLogger PRO application on the phone.
  • You can increase the speaker volume during a call. Then the voice of the interlocutor will be recorded by the microphone.
  • To record the keystrokes, messages of WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Facebook etc., you need to install Support Android (TalkBackTS_4) module. This module is accessible for Professional users on Download page.
  • Our screen-reader module is an experimental feature, which can record the content of the screen. We have configured it to record the last message in popular messengers. In many applications, it is impossible to find out, who was writing the message. If a user reads the old messages, our module records those as well. So, some messages may be missing, if a user doesn't read them, but another ones could be shown twice. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    You need to check if the System Android and Support Android apps are still installed on the target phone.

    - If not, install the KidLogger PRO application again.

    - If yes, uninstall them and install the KidLogger PRO application again.

    Use the newest version and the newest instruction how to uninstall/install the KidLogger PRO for Android.

    The window where you can uninstall the System Android and Support Android apps disappears to disallow the child to uninstall the KidLogger PRO. It is a feature of the Support Android application.

    But to uninstall the KidLogger PRO, you need first to disable the Support Android application in Settings, ACCESSIBILITY. After you did it, the windows of Settings/Applications/System Android and Support Android will never disappear. After this you will be able to uninstall The System Android and Support Android in Settings/Applications.

    It is a particularity of Android 10-11 and old version of KidLogger PRO. You need to install a new version of KidLogger PRO that initially doesn't have any icon.

    This means that the second module of the program is installed, but disabled in the phone settings. Launch the Settings on the target phone, Accessibility. Switch the Support Android on.

    Support Android restarts the main program (named System Android) if it was suddenly disabled by the system or another program. It also helps to capture screenshots in social media. It also records the typed text.

    The Android system can disable both KidLogger PRO modules (System Android and Support Android) to save power. And after this, Android does not switch them on. Therefore, we recommend enabling both of these programs not to save battery power. This is usually done in Phone Settings, Programs (applications), menu, Special access, ignore battery optimization. Both programs (System Android and Support Android) must be enabled.

    This means that an important permission for the KidLogger PRO program is not enabled. You need to open the phone settings, Accessibility, installed services, and select System Android. You need to enable this program in this place.

    If you see the following messages:

    System Android included in battery optimization

    Support Android included in battery optimization

    This means that the one of two modules (and maybe both) may be stopped by Android system any time. 

    To prevent it, launch the Settings on the target phone, Applications, Menu, special access,

    • Find the option Ignore battery optimization or something like this.
    • Allow the System Android and Support Android apps not to save the battery power.

    If you see the following messages:

    Appear on top is not allowed for System Android

    Appear on top is not allowed for Support Android

    This means that the one or two modules (and maybe both) is incorrectly configured. 

    To fix it, launch the Settings on the target phone, Applications, Menu, special access,

    • Find the option "Appear on top" or something like this.
    • Allow the System Android and Support Android apps working on the top of other apps.

    This means that the Support Android module is not installed. This module reads keystrokes, messages in messengers, web addresses, and takes screenshots. It also restarts the main module if it was stopped by the system or by other programs. If the Support Android is not installed, install it, please. Download it from the download page of KidLogger PRO.

    Download page

    Make it active in Settings/Accessibility on the target phone.

    Configure it to work on the top and not to save the power.

    How to do it>>

    It means, the internal memory is full more than on 75%. The applications can not create new files.
    KidLogger PRO is not able to record audio file and make screenshots, because it stores them in the internal memory of the phone.
    You need to clear the internal memory: Uninstall unused apps, move documents and photos onto an SD card.