Parental control for Windows

Install our parental time control application on your Windows PC and be sure that your kids are safe while using the Internet. KidLogger for Windows has all necessary features for you:

Upload logs and screenshot to web server log viewer

Our server solution allows you to easily track activity on many PCs. Basic membership is free.

System requirements:

Windows 7-11

Note. To download the KidLogger application for Windows, add the download folder to the list of exclusions for Windows Security or other antivirus service. KidLogger application can be recognized as a virus due to its monitoring functions.

All KidLogger monitoring features for Windows: 

  1. Automatic launch at Windows startup. You don't need to launch monitoring features manually. All configurations are simple to use;
  2. Application monitoring and screenshot capture. KidLogger records all applications run. You will know the exact time, date and window caption of the programs launched on your computer. Also, every 5 (or even less) minutes, KidLogger captures all display pictures into a JPG file. So you see what was really on the monitor at the moment;
  3. Record what folders the user works with. The service (or KidLogger) logs the Folder Path where the user is currently working (Like Address: My Pictures or Address: c:\temp\my folder\);
  4.  Log files are separated by date and time. KidLogger creates a separate folder for log files of each user account. To browse for logs, click “View log files…” button. This logger presents logs in a user-friendly manner – HTML files;
  5.  User activity monitor. KidLogger logs the events when the user starts a session. It also registers the event of hibernation or resume, when the user steps away, as well as the inactivity periods when the screensaver is activated;
  6.  Automatic log history delete. The log files older than 10 days will be deleted automatically. KidLogger will take care of your HDD free space;
  7. Protects itself with a password;
  8. Multiple users monitoring support;
  9. Monitoring USB flash drives and CD/DVD media activity. Removal / Insertion events (switched off by default).


Important notice:

 No Spyware / Adware: KidLogger doesn’t contain any adware or spyware modules. It doesn’t send any personal information to third party people or to developers. Kidlogger comes with source-code so that the community could make sure there is no hidden and malware functionality.

Any user with good Windows skills can detect and remove this application.

Questions & Answers:

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