free keylogger for mac

Parental control for MAC

Install parental control software on your computer with macOS and get the possibility to track your children activity from anywhere in the world.

Key-word monitoring

Define a list of key-words and phrases that you want to monitor. KidLogger will send you a screenshot when user will type this keyword. This will allow you to know when your kid is searching info about ‘drugs’, ‘money’ etc. or just talking about that kind of things.

Keep an eye on your children activities on the Internet

Allows saving URL of all websites visited by your children

Protect settings by password

You can set a password for the program so that other users can not change settings or delete it.

System requirements:

Mac OS X 10-12

All KidLogger monitoring features for MAC:

  1. Log the names of opened Applications;
  2. Log websites URLs, opened in Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Brave browsers;
  3. Log clipboard text when user copies\pastes text;
  4. Log Mac events like: screensaver start, desktop lock and unlock, user login and logoff, shutdown;
  5. Makes periodic screenshots;
  6. Makes screenshot when user types a predefined keyword;
  7. Takes a photo of user periodically, using a web camera;
  8. Recording of surrounding sounds into audio files(in Professional subscription);
  9. Log typed keystrokes except passwords(in Professional subscription);
  10. Delivers all of these logs into web service;
  11. Protects itself with a password;
  12. Automatically cleans older log files;
  13. Optionally logs a selected user account or all Mac users;


Log file in HTML format:

keylogger for mac HTML log file format


Questions & Answers:

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