free keylogger for mac

KidLogger - freeware monitoring application for Mac: keystroke logger, user activity monitor, web history monitor and screen capture.

This is a new generation key-logger and user monitoring software that allows to easily monitor several  Windows and Mac computers at a time using our new web site log viewer. Freeware.

For Mac OS X 10.6 , 10.7, 10.8

    Features list:

  • Log typed keystrokes except passwords.
  • Log the names of opened Applications
  • Log web sites URLs, opened in Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
  • Log clipboard text when user copies\pastes text.
  • Log Mac events like: screensaver start, desktop lock and unlock, user login and logoff, shutdown.
  • Log path of the Finder window
  • Makes periodic screen-shots
  • Makes screenshot when user types a predefined keyword
  • Takes a photo of user on startup, using a web camera.
  • Writes screenshots, keystrokes and other logs in a HTML format
  • Delivers all of these logs into web service.
  • Protects itself with a password.
  • Automatically cleans older log files.
  • Runs as hidden service in the background.
  • Optionally logs a selected user account or all Mac users.

License: freeware

Limitations: no


Log file in HTML format:

keylogger for mac HTML log file format


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