Parental control for Linux (coming soon)

Install parental control software on your PC with the Linux system and be aware of what your child is doing on the computer. KidLogger for Linux includes the following features:

Recording and saving of all kinds of user activity

Be aware of when the child turned on the computer when turned off. How much time children use a particular application. How long the computer was in sleep mode.

Sending logs and screen-shot to your email

Sending recorded reports is easier than ever. KidLogger supports all email account types. For the user convenience it is possible to choose between sending log files, screen captures or both.

System requirements:

Works in Ubuntu, Mint

How to install Monitoring agent on Linux computer >>>


All KidLogger planned monitoring features for Linux:

  1. Keystrokes recording.
  2. Chat recording and monitoring. It can capture all instant messengers chats, online chats and forums typed by the kid or Guest on the keyboard.
  3. Recording of surrounding sounds into audio files.
  4. Monitoring USB flash drives and CD/DVD media activity. Removal / Insertion events.
  5. Automatic launch at system startup. KidLogger invisibly starts on system startup. You don't need to launch monitoring features manually. All configurations are simple to use. (already done)
  6. Multiple users monitoring support. The keylogger will start monitoring only selected user account. To select the user you should log into his/her user account and run it. The log entry for the user can be opened from Control Panel. (already done)
  7. Takes a photo of user with Web camera on startup.
  8. Application monitoring and screen shot capture. KidLogger records all applications run and the texts typed in these applications. You will know the exact time, date and window caption of the programs launched on your computer. Also every 5 (or even less) minutes KidLogger captures all display pictures into a JPG file. So you see what was really on the monitor at the moment. (already done)
  9. Monitoring of Web-sites, visited in most popular browsers;(already done)
  10. Makes screenshot when user types a predefined keywor;
  11. Record what folders the user works with. The service (or KidLogger) logs the Folder Path where the user is currently working
  12. Log files are separated by date and time. KidLogger creates a separate folder for log files of each user account. To browse for logs click “View log files…” button. This logger presents logs in a user-friendly manner – HTML files.
  13. User activity monitor. KidLogger logs the events when the user starts a session. It also registers the event of hibernation or resume, when the user steps away, as well as the inactivity periods when the screensaver is activated.
  14. Automatic log history delete. The log files older than 10 days will be deleted automatically. KidLogger will take care of your HDD free space.
  15. Protects itself with a password