Frequently asked questions

  • If a virtual device has been accidentally deleted from the server, it is not possible to restore it.
  • You need to launch KidLogger / KidLogger PRO application on target phone/computer, find the option of connection to the server and write your e-mail address instead of old device ID. Click Connect.
  • The application will receive a new device ID from the server, and in your dashboard will appear a new virtual device.

You can see the total size of uploaded files on the Screenshots page.

When the limit of 9 (Basic account), 200 (Standard account) or 500 MB (Professional account) is reached, older files will disappear.

If you have a Standard or Professional subscription, you can download the entire backup of uploaded data. Below the Analytic table, you can see a link.

Locally on the target phone or computer, the files are stored for several days. This value you can configure from the server side, on the Settings page.

Log in your user profile:

click your name in the upper-right corner of the window.

Click the "Delete profile" button.

Choose the reason and click "Delete profile"