Comparison matrix for KidLogger Monitoring Agents

We offer a set of freeware user activity monitoring tools that allows you to monitor your Kid activity on any Mobile or Computer. All programs can be downloaded for free and used as standalone application for user activity monitoring and computer surveillance. When KidLogger Agent application is connected to your account you can view user activity reports and logs online, anytime from anywhere.

KidLogger features for mobiles
Compatible with
Android 2.2 and higher Android 2.3 and higher
iOS 5.0 or higher
Features list, including advanced 'spy'

Log calls (Incoming, outgoing) with phone number and contact name. v v x
Record voice calls audio
x v x
Log SMS text (in/out) v v x
Log visited web sites (Standard browser)
v v x
Log typed keystrokes, keylogger or virtual keyboard
x v x
Phone location tracking
v v v
Log phone GSM state
x v x
Log photos taken by camera
x v
+ photo image
Log used Applications with total usage time
+ total time
v x
Messengers chat log (Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Kik etc) and visited YouTube videos
x x x
Password protected, invisible
x v x
Freeware Professional

* Log typed keystrokes - requires installing additional components.

KidLogger Pro - advanced monitoring application with 'spy' features, availabe only for paid accounts on

Please note KidLogger mobile applications does not requires Rooting or Jailbreaking of target phone/tablet.

Currently Windows Phones is not supported.


Kidlogger features for computers
Mac OS
Standart Pro Standart Pro
Compatible with
Mac OS X 10.5-10.9
Mac OS X 10.6-10.9
any Windows OS any Windows OS

Log typed keystrokes
v v v v
Log used Applications (with total usage time)
v v v v
Log visited web sites (with total usage time)* v v v v
Log copy\paste clipboard.
v v v v
Log system events: screensaver start, desktop lock Log path of the Finder window. v v v v
Record mic voice audio near pc. Record Skype voice calls in audio file
x x x v
Makes periodic screen-shots *
v v v v
Make photos of the person who use computer
v v x v
Log notebook/pc coordinates
x v x x
Log all instant messages from Skype
x x x v
Write screenshots, keystrokes and other logs in a HTML format.
v v v v
Delivers all of these logs into web services, e-mail(only for Windows).
v v v v
Protected with a password, Invisible and hidden for target user.
x v x v
Runs as hidden service in the background.
v v v v
Multiple users monitoring, multiple user accounts, remote desktop
v v v v
Freeware Professional
Freeware Professional

Also makes screenshot when user types one of the predefined keywords.

KidLogger Pro - Mac monitoring with spy features. Rent your personal spy service!