All versions of KidLogger PRO for Android

Password for archive: 12345. To unzip the archive, use RAR application. Download it from here.

KidLogger PRO 2.6.30 - Release notes: Improved uploading audio files, recorded in previous days.
KidLogger PRO 2.6.29 - Release notes: Added voice message and cooridnate sending.
KidLogger PRO 2.6.28 - Release notes: improved call log recording.
KidLogger PRO 2.6.25 - Release notes: improved SMS recording, Settings page, data SMS is hidden.
KidLogger PRO 2.6.24 - Release notes: improved call recording in Android 10-12.
KidLogger PRO 2.6.23 - Release notes: Added possibility to connect other sites.
KidLogger PRO 2.6.16 - Release notes: Improved call log. Added audio encryption.
KidLogger PRO 2.6.12 - Release notes: Improved call log. Added data encryption.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.179 - Release notes: Removed icon of System Android. Recommended for Android 5.1-11
KidLogger PRO 1.6.178 - Release notes: Improved monitoring of notifications. How to install version 1.6.162-178
KidLogger PRO 1.6.177 - Release notes: Improved configuration wizard.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.174 - Release notes: Improved call recording(starts recording from 1-st second).
KidLogger PRO 1.6.172 - Release notes: Improved data uploading.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.170 - Release notes: Improved links to terms of service.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.169 - Release notes: Improved ambient sound recording.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.168 - Release notes: Added troubleshooting messages.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.166 - Release notes: Removed time limit for call recording.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.162 - Release notes: Improved call recording in Android 10. How to install version 1.6.162-178
KidLogger PRO 1.6.152 - Release notes: Added notification recording.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.150 - Release notes: Improved stability in Android 8-9.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.149 - Release notes: Improved SMS recording in Android 9.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.148 - Release notes: removed dependence between some settings.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.147 - Release notes: Improved call log. Added surround sound recording in Android 9.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.145 - Release notes: Added support of Android 5.1-7. Fixed the issue with application window in the list of recently launched apps after the screenshot.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.143 - Release notes: Fixed the issue with callback

<< How to install the KidLogger PRO 1.6.83-1.6.142 >>

KidLogger PRO 1.6.142 - Release notes: Added support of Android 9, fixed the issue of sound recording. Support of Android 7 and older is not provided
KidLogger PRO 1.6.135 - Release notes: fixed the issue with a coordinate, sent as an answer to parental application request - recommended for Android 5.0
KidLogger PRO 1.6.133 - Release notes: fixed the issue with configuration on connecting to server.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.132 - Release notes: improved processing contact names with special symbols.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.129 - Release notes: improved screenshot compressing, added notification about memory overloading.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.124 - Release notes: improved connection to the server.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.120 - Release notes: improved recording of incoming calls, improved remote management.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.115 - Release notes: remote management from the server has been renewed.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.113 - Release notes: Remote control has been improved (sleeping mode detected).
KidLogger PRO 1.6.112 - Release notes: First version that supports remote control from KidLogger Remote Control application. Read more about this.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.110 - Release notes: Added taking screenshots during Skype, Viber, Facebook, Line and WhatsApp using(once in 15 sec). Read more about this.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.100 - Release notes: Improved the recording of incoming voice during the calls - recommended for Android 4
KidLogger PRO 1.6.99 - Release notes: changed the mode of audio file uploading. Improved the tracking of errors.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.98 - Release notes: changed the mode of audio file uploading.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.97 - Release notes: added the tracking of SMS messages from previous 7 days
KidLogger PRO 1.6.96 - Release notes: fixed the error with program name.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.95 - Release notes: Improved the processing of big photos.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.92 - Release notes: Improved the uploading of the files from offline-period.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.88 - Release notes: Improved the stability of the application.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.87 - Release notes: Enhanced the processing of small photos.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.86 - Release notes: First release with remote configuration.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.83 - Release notes: first easy-setup release.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.80 - Release notes: Fixed bug with server connection.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.79 - TalkBackTS_4-24 more correctly records the web addresses.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.78 - TalkBackTS_4-22 prevents this version from uninstalling.
KidLogger PRO 1.6.77 - the photos are registered immediately after they were taken
KidLogger PRO 1.6.76 - fixed the bug with screenshots showing in log view
KidLogger PRO 1.6.75 - fixed the bug with time marks after 00:00
KidLogger PRO 1.6.72 - Added the possibility to change other KidLogger PRO settings. Added WhatsApp voice messages recording. Surround sounds recording by calling from special number. Added SMS remote commands:
1. "device id 1" - sends by SMS the current active application
2. "device id 2" - sends by SMS the current GPS coordinate
3. "device id 3" - call back. Check please if your default dialer is a Phone application. More info...
KidLogger PRO 1.6.71 - express release, with reduced number of settings for Android 4.1-6
KidLogger PRO 1.6.60 - first express-config release, for Android 2.3 - 6
KidLogger PRO 1.6.52 - the first version for Android 2.2-2.3

How to install the version 1.6.52

Support Android v.5. from 09.09.2022 - improved contact name recording.

Support Android v.5. from 11.08.2022 - improved contact name recording.

Support Android v.5. from 01.11.2021 - a new version for KidLogger PRO with encryption.

Support Android v.5. from 16.09.2021 - a new version for KidLogger PRO with encryption.

Support Android v.5. from 25.08.2021 - a new version for KidLogger PRO with encryption.

Support Android from 12.07.2021 - removed blocking of Settings application in case or reset phone command. Recomended for Android 5.1-11

Support Android from 01.07.2021 - Fixed some issues of web recording. Added conversation recording in TikTok and Twitter. Added conversation recording in VK, improved contact name detecting in messengers.

Support Android from 25.02.2021 - Added code optimization to speed up the program and reduce power consumption.

Support Android from 24.02.2021 - Added protection against phone reset.

Support Android from 19-10-2020 - Improved keystroke recording. Added TikTok tracking.

Support Android from 02-10-2020 - added screenshots making in Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. The interval is 20 sec.

Support Android from 19-08-2020 - special edition with 20sec interval between screenshots.

Support Android from 06-07-2020 - added protection against the built-in power-saving service.

Support Android from 15-06-2020 - added making screenshots during the image sending in messengers and in Gallery.

Support Android from 14-05-2020 - added Telegram messenger tracking and protection for Support Android against the uninstalling.

Support Android from 29-04-2020 - improved YouTube description

Support Android from 28-04-2020 - improved protection against uninstalling in Android 10

Support Android from 29-03-2020 - improved protection against uninstalling on the level of Device Administrator

Support Android from 23-03-2020 - improved protection against uninstalling

Support Android from 12-03-2020 - added app locking with Parental time control

Support Android from 18-10-2019 - added support of modded WhatsApp apps: GBwhatsapp, FMwhatsapp, Yowhatsapp

Support Android from 08-10-2019 - added screenshot making in Google Duo

Support Android from 03-10-2019 - added screenshot making on Twitter

Support Android from 26-09-2019 - added URL recording in Mozilla and Opera

Support Android from 02-09-2019 - added screenshot creating in several new IM

Support Android from 13-08-2019 - fixed YouTube app

Support Android from 03-06-2019 - Fixed the error with Discord, Instagram, FB messenger, Tango and Hike messengers.

Support Android from 28-03-2019 - interval between screenshots is 15 sec. Removed text recording in Facebook Messenger.

Support Android from 20-03-2019 - interval between screenshots is 10 sec.

Support Android from 13-02-2019 - added VK app

Support Android from 15-11-2018 - added Discord messenger

Support Android from 13-11-2018 - with screenshots and message recording in 15 messengers

Support Android from 12-11-2018 - with screenshots and message recording on Instagram

Support Android from 11-07-2018 - with screenshots in Snapchat Messenger

Support Android from 06-07-2018 - with enlarged Google Chrome monitoring features and screenshots

Support Android from 29-06-2018 - without screenshots taking

Support Android from 26-06-2018 - added screenshots taking in Skype Lite and Telegram messenger

Support Android from 22-06-2018 - takes screenshots during using of Line messenger, the rate of screenshots is once in 15 sec. Recomended for Android 4x.

Support Android from 18-06-2018 - with screenshots recording and improved main features

Support Android from 14-06-2018 - with screenshots recording and reduced features in messengers.

Support Android from 05-06-2018 - improved WhatsApp chat recording(experimental).

Support Android from 04-06-2018 - a version with Snapchat chart recording.

Support Android from 22-05-2018

Support Android from 8-12-2017 - version for phones with optimized keystroke recording

TalkBackTS from 3-11-2017 - version for phones with WhatsApp outgoing voice messages recording

TalkBackTS from 20-10-2015 - version for phones without keystroke recording. Recommended in cases, when appears other errors with keystroke recordind. Records only incoming and outgoing messages in Skype, Viber, WhatsApp etc. and YouTube descriptions.

TalkBackTS from 25-09-2015

Android Keyboard (tkeyboard for 4.2.apk)- Virtual screen keyboard with features of keystroke recording and KidLogger PRO launching, without a password. Recommended for Android 4.1 and newer, in case if you forgot the secret code.