Troubleshooting for Kidlogger for Android:

  • Kidlogger application records the user activity during all the day, and sends it by piecemeal to the server. For successful sending it needs Internet connection. If after the last connection and before the end of this day a user was making something with his phone, this activity will be recorded, but will not be sent to the server.
  • From the beginning of the new day, Kidlogger will start the recording of a new log file. This file will be sent to the server. What can we do? If you are far away from a person, you are looking after, Ask him(her) before the midnight to Enter the Internet from his phone and to send you a letter through the Skype or other messenger.
  • If you are near, and have access to this device, launch please the Kidlogger application, press the button “View log file”, and you will see the whole journal and media-files, stored on the phone for the last 5 days.
  • Verify please, if you have installed Support Android. Launch Parental time control, and if this module is not installed, the application shows the notification. Make the Support Android active in Settings/Accessibility
  • Audio records are possible to hear only if you have installed Kidlogger PRO.
  • Verify please in Kidlogger Settings, if this feature is switched on or not. Configure the settings, you need. Some menus have a sub-menu. Then you need to restart the application.
  • Only Kidlogger PRO records the photos and sends them to the server. A simple Kidlogger for Android records only a fact that a photo has been taken.
  • HTML files of logs are stored in the phone's internal memory. You don't need to erase it manually, because they are erasing automatically after 5 days. If you still want to do it, disable Helper Service in Settings/Accessibility, open Settings/Applications, Select Parental time control, Clear Data. After this action you have to configure Parental time control again.
  • Open the Settings of Parental time control, Monitoring settings, Coordinates → On.
  • Assign your phone to use GPS coordinates.
  • On Android 4.1:
    Launch Settings of Android, Location services, GPS satellites → on
  • on Android 4.2:
    Launch Settings of Android, Location access, Access to my location→on, GPS satellites → on.
There may be several reasons of KidLogger stopping:
  • Incompatible applications
    (read about them here)
  • Anti-virus and memory-cleaners.
  • Embedded memory- and power-optimizing applications. See below.
  • To avoid the showing of any notification from monitoring application, launch Android settings, Applications, Parental time control. Uncheck the option Show notifications.