Kidlogger Pro for Android - hidden monitoring

Have you noticed your spouse worries about her look more often or spends a lot of free time without you?

Has your beloved person started suddenly to pay you less attention?

Does your darling hide phone or messaging from you?

Don't ignore it! Your relations may be threatened. Don't reassure yourself!

Entrust this work to professionals with modern technologies. Kidlogger Pro for Android will help you to dispel your doubts or confirm your suspicions.

You will get tools for monitoring and controlling your children or close persons, who will have Kidlogger Pro for Android installed on their devices.

What are key features of KidLogger Pro for Android?

  • Undetectable. KidLogger Pro is not visible in the main Application list by default. Unfortunately, we couldn’t hide it from the Running application list since it is a core system feature, but we did our best to make it less recognizable and evident for the user;
  • Records calls, you can listen to the audio conversation of in/out coming calls recorded on the target phone;
  • Track photos taken by the phone, you can view the pictures uploaded to your online account;
  • Ultimate keystroke recording feature: by using screen text capture or virtual keyboard replacement;
  • Records of incoming and outgoing messages in many Messengers:

    IMO, Skype, Facebook, Line, Viber, WhatsApp, Kik, Hike, BBM, Snapchat
    Tango and KakaoTalk.

  • Now it is possible to use the Kidlogger RPO as SOS button - it allows a child to send the current coordinate and a voice message to parents.


  • Log calls (Incoming, Outgoing) with phone number and contact name;
  • Log SMS text (incoming, outgoing);   
  • Log opened Applications;   
  • Log phone activity periods; 
  • Log coordinates, when the phone in active regime;
  • Log visited websites (Google Chrome, Android browser);   
  • Log all typed keystrokes;   
  • Informs a parent about its current location (by SMS request);     
  • Call-back (by SMS request);   
  • Informs a parent about current active application (by SMS request);   
  • Phone location log. Periodically save GPS / Network coordinates;   
  • Log incoming and outgoing web messages in 12 messengers;
  • Periodically takes screenshots when user writes or reads the messages in Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, Snapchat, and Telegram messengers (for Android 6-9);
  • Works as a hidden service in the background;     
  • Autostarts when phone is restarted;    
  • Password protection allows stopping unwanted access to KidLogger settings;
  • Log files viewer allows browsing log files on the phone;
  • Uploads log files to your account.
  • Allows to record a voice message and send a coordinate.

Disclaimer: Your use of Kidlogger is voluntary and solely at your own risk and responsibility. Kidlogger assumes no responsibility for using our products for illegal purposes.

In Basic and Standard accounts works in demo mode: only 10 pictures, 10 audio records, 10 keystrokes since the moment of the installation.


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