How to use remote control in KidLogger PRO

For Android 4-5

You can listen to the surrounding sounds and determine the current location of the phone.


Using SMS remote commands.

In these examples, the device ID of the target phone is ceg-jm-f8d.
You send an SMS from the parent’s phone to the child's phone with the text "ceg-jm-f8d 1".
The child's phone should send an SMS back with the name of the active application.
You send an SMS from the parent’s phone to the child's phone with the text "ceg-jm-f8d 2".
The child's phone should send an SMS back with the current GPS coordinates. By clicking on these coordinates, you will see the phone’s current location. This works if the Location option is activated on the child’s phone.
You send an SMS from the parent’s phone to the child's phone with the text "ceg-jm-f8d 3".
If the Child's phone is not busy, it will call you back. You will then hear the sounds made around the phone.
Before you finish the configuration, use the option "Test phone call" Set default application for call making. It must not be Skype or Viber. It must be the Phone application.


These actions are visible on the target phone. We hope to make them hidden in the future.


Record the surrounding sounds by making a secret call

For Android 4-5

In KidLogger PRO settings on server, in the surround sound recording option, you can specify your second phone number. When you call from this number, KidLogger PRO will start to record the sounds through the target phone’s microphone.

To configure it, open the settings on server and choose your device. Write the secret call number exactly how it appears on the screen of the target phone when you call from it.

Save the settings and restart the target phone.

Now perform a test call. If it rings, the number has been written incorrectly. Normally it should answer with short beeps, like the line is busy. But in this time, KidLogger application starts to record the surrounded sound.

If on target phone is Android 9 you need to perform a short call and immediately hang up, because there is impossible to hang up automatically in Android 9.

This sound will be sent to the server just like other call records. The file name will be mic_date_and_time.3gp

Information about this received call will be removed from the call journal on the target phone.


1. before you write your second number into this field on the server, perform a test call to the target phone from this number. Look at the screen and see, how it is shown - with prefix or not. Exactly this way, you need to write your second phone number into the settings.

2. If your secret phone number exists in the list of contacts on target phone, delete please this contact.

3. If there is a voice mail, or auto-replyer function from the mobile provider, add your secret phone number to the list of exceptions.



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