Kidlogger Pro for Android

Try KidLogger Pro - invisible, less obvious for target user with ultimate spy features. The list of most used applications, web history, web search list, contacts, calls, SMS journal, locations seemed to be the only online activities the KidLogger free application used to track.

Here are some new features to discover with KidLogger Pro. Want to be a Spy, then try Kidlogger PRO. It records and uploads incoming/outgoing calls audio and photos taken by the target phone. It has been given a new, less conspicuous name to reduce the evidence of existence when the user is managing applications in the phone.

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29$ - 3 months

Benefits of the KidLogger PRO 'spy' features:

  • Undetectable. KidLogger PRO is not visible in the main Application list by default. Unfortunately, we couldn’t hide it from the “Running application list” since it is a core system feature, but we did our best to make it less recognizable and evident for the user.   
  • Records calls, you can listen to the audio conversation of in/out coming calls recorded on the target phone. 
  • Tracks photos taken by the phone, you can view the pictures uploaded to your online account.  
  • Records incoming and outgoing messages of popular Web messengers: Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook, Line.(For Android 4.1 and newer)
  • Ultimate keylogger feature: by using screen text capture or virtual keyboard replacement.

Features list:

  1.  Log calls (Incoming, Outgoing ) with phone number and contact name;  
  2. Log SMS text (incoming, outgoing);   
  3. Log Wi-Fi, USB, SD card;   
  4. Log opened Applications;   
  5. Log phone activity periods;  
  6. Log visited web sites (Google Chrome, Android browser);   
  7. Log all typed keystrokes;   
  8. Recording of surrounded sound by call from secret number;     
  9. Informs a parent about its current location (by SMS request);    
  10. Call-back (by SMS request);   
  11. Informs a parent about current active application (by SMS request);   
  12. Phone location log. Periodically save GPS / Network coordinates;   
  13. Log incoming and outgoing web messages in Skype, Line Messenger, Facebook messenger, Whatsapp and Viber;     
  14. Works as a hidden service in the background;     
  15. Autostarts when phone is restarted;   
  16. Password protection allows to stop unwanted access to KidLogger settings;
  17. Log files viewer allows to browse log files on the phone;
  18. Uploads log files to your account.

According to the last researches, most people care about what their children, relatives or spouses do on their smartphones. KidLogger PRO helps to reveal the truth.

How to record calls audio and track photos:

1. Launch KidLogger PRO application. Use the secret password *123456#, input it from the dialler or in keyboard settings application. This is a default password you can easily change it.

Note: If you forget the password, it will be necessary to reinstall the application. In this case all the data recorded will be lost. 

2. Enter options menu to configure settings and to upload data to your online account in the KidLogger cloud.

3. User’s activity is recorded and saved to the Activity Journal (log files) that includes the audio records of the calls made and the daily journal list. You can preview it both online and offline.


   Soft Keyboard Pro

Note: Just bear in mind that KidLogger monitoring application can be deleted from the Application list even being installed under different name.

How to record all calls in audio file:

Please be noticed that due to limitation of Android phone (hardware and software), this program records from microphone.

  • Record incoming and outgoing call by using microphone.
  • All files are saved in 3gp format and uploaded to your account on

To hear 3gp files, you need to download them from Voice records analytics. To play them on windows computer, download K-Lite codeck pack from here.

How to install Kidlogger PRO for Android

  • Uninstall Kidlogger parental control application, if it was installed before.
  • Uninstall Kidlogger Helper application, if it was installed before.
  • Login your user account on server from target phone or tablet.
  • On Download page, users with Professional account can see the link to download Kidlogger PRO for Android. Near it there is a link to info page. Visit it to see the instructions how to install Kidlogger PRO and its components.

Troubleshooting for Kidlogger for Android