Why disappeared KidLogger PRO for Windows

14 Eyl 2020

You may have noticed that KidLogger PRO for Windows has disappeared from the downloads. This happened for a reason. Increasingly, Windows Defender started stopping KidLogger PRO and recognizing it as a Trojan horse. The reason is that the KidLogger PRO program works from a place unusual for other programs and collects data about the user's activity. Moreover, the installation of the program is carried out in a semi-automatic mode, which allows you to quickly and almost imperceptibly for the target user to deploy the surveillance system.

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KidLogger for Windows and macOS can block web domains

16 Ağu 2020

KidLogger for Windows and macOS can block visiting web domains such as YouTube or Pornhub. You can log in and on the Settings page you can see a new option:

Block websites by domain

You can write here several web addresses without spaces, using a comma as a separator.

For example:


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Meet KidLogger PRO for Android 10

3 Tem 2020

We published a new version of KidLogger PRO for Android. With the version 1.6.162 you can  record calls in Samsung phones on Android 10. Older versions of Android are also supported.

Due to the use of new technologies, this version can successfully take screenshots in Android 10 and record calls in instant messengers such as Skype, Viber, and Whatsapp.

Download the KidLogger PRO for Android!

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KidLogger and its advantages during the lockdown

14 May 2020

Now that lockdowns have been instituted and schools closed, our children have shifted to remote learning. Now it is outright allowed for them to sit at the computer for five or six hours day until their eyes turn red from weariness. Our family decided to set aside a separate room for this learning so that our children would not get distracted. Now we only check in with the kids occasionally to bring them a snack or ask them to take a break or come to lunch.

But how much of that time are they really spending on learning, and how much is needless distraction and entertainment?

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Notifications in KidLogger PRO for Android

10 Nis 2020

Since version 1.6.152 KidLogger PRO records notifications, that appear in upper part of the screen. Now if the user even doesn't read the new messages, you will know about them.


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Call recording on Android phones. The troubleshooting.

6 Nis 2020

Why does KidLogger PRO may sometimes not record calls?

This happens in Android 10 or when an another call recording program with a higher priority is installed.

Starting with Android 10, Google has closed the ability for third-party applications to record phone calls. This is due to the fact that the legislation of most countries obliges to warn the interlocutor that the conversation will be recorded. Programs can record ambient sounds, but when the call starts, access to the microphone is disabled.

The solution to the problem is theoretically possible on rooted phones with a custom dialer.

On Android 9 and earlier

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New Parental Time control for Android

1 Nis 2020

The application of Parental Time Control has been significantly improved in version 1.5.107.  Now, instead of adding to the list of educational applications all the programs that the phone needs to work, you just need to specify the gaming programs. They will be limited in time, and all other will work without restrictions.

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Google created a new sandbox for Android

15 Oca 2020

Recently Google released a new parental control system for Android, named Google Family Link. It works in Android 7 and newer versions.

The program is so deeply integrated into the Android system that it is not possible to remove it even after flashing the phone. The system requires separate Google accounts for parent and child phones.

Comparison chart of the features of the Google Family Link app and the KidLogger parental control program:

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8 tips on how to avoid problems with Youtube.

23 Ara 2019

There are only a few popular video hostings in the world where you can find any information. The most famous and most visited at the moment is Youtube from Google.

The registration and posting videos on it is absolutely free and unlimited. However, there are rules on it that cannot be violated. For example, you can’t post materials offending other people's feelings or unacceptable to children. In addition, you cannot post copyrighted audio and video. For this reason, you will not find videos on Youtube, that contain other Youtube videos posted by other users before. In addition, there will be no materials for adults and famous movies in good quality.

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Android spies us!

17 Eki 2019

In this article, we’ll talk about the personal data, that Android system is collecting. Taking for example a Huawei P6 phone with Android 8 operating system. Immediately after the first launching of the device, you can choose your language and then appear the terms of license. Using a license agreement, Huawei tries to protect itself from customer complaints that may appear later due to their personal data using. In case you disagree with the terms, the company proposes to return the device to the point of sale.

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