Why installing Discord Messenger may help you with the parental control tasks

Not all of you knows that Discord is a “must have” application for any computer gamer, right ?  And now there is a one good reason to install Discord Messenger for the Parents! Today, we would like to share with you a cool feature of Discord Messenger that allows you to know when and what computer games playing your Child with.

Discord is a free messaging application for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, it is extremely popular among gamers since it allows them to have a voice chat on top of any Game without intercepting game process. When you make a voice call in Discord – it does not pop up an “Incoming Call” dialog box on top of the game screen. 

Now, the main tip – when you have installed Discord Messenger and added your Friend or Child account to the contact list – then you will always know what he or she is playing with! Cool, right? This was done by the Discord by design, since your Friends will always know which game they need to jump in if they want to join you. Brilliant idea.
Now parents can use this fantastic feature if they what to know more about their children cyber-habits instead of asking it each time. 

Here is the screenshot where you may see that the Friend RA*** is currently playing “Star Craft II” computer game.

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