KidLogger Kid Safety agent for Android

We are glad to announce new version of parental control application for Android that will work for both KidLogger and StaffCounter services. Due to the latest challenges in cyber-security landscape, user monitoring applications needs to be adapted to conform both regulatory compliance such as GDPR and vendor based Reputation, such as Microsoft PUA or Google Play Protect. 

The new application will not hidden, but has the same features as hidden PRO version. The idea is to keep transparency and informs the phone user about the actions that are being monitored. In the taskbar, you can see the icon of the Application, that opens the info window with the actual supervision configuration from parents or company. We also are going to integrate mobile push notifications to keep track application activity from online service.

The password to open the settings is 123456


Download Safe agent >>


Download the new Support Android (screen-reading module) v.5

Tu znajdziesz tutoriale, artykuły i komunikaty dotyczące Kidlogger: jakie nowe funkcje zostały wprowadzone, jak zainstalować KidLogger oraz jak ustawić monitorowanie użytkownika dla każdej z platform, jak Windows, Mac.

Z przyjemnością wysłuchamy każdej Twojej sugestii dotyczącej rozwoju aplikacji KidLogger.

Compare Parental Controls in Windows 7, Mac and

“Never leave kids and employees unsupervised.”


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