New feature - backup copy

19 cze 2023

The backup creation was modified because the size of the uploaded data had been increased to 2 GB. Now when you create a backup copy, the server asks you to wait for a while, until it prepares the package. During the processing time, the server says Preparing for downloading, and when the package is ready it shows the link ready to download.

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Voice message and Send coordinate

18 lis 2022

We added two new buttons into the secret menu of KidLogger PRO agent for Android.

Now a child can send you a voice message, that will be sent immediately as well as his current coordinate. You can just inform your child that it is a safety tool in his phone. You don't have to make excuses anymore, and spoof why this strange System Android app exists on his phone.

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Keylogger feature end of support

1 maj 2022

Microsoft continues its efforts to deliver the best cyber-security solution for Windows 10 and 11 by using cloud-based AI and machine learning. Here is a short guideline on how Microsoft identifies potentially unwanted applications (link)  in an automated way. Key logging, invisible working mode, and hidden installation are one of the features that make software potentially dangerous and support malicious misuse of the application. KidLogger team will continue to respond to these changes and adapt features to continue the development of privacy-compliant Parental Control services.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, computer surveillance solutions start being used more widely and thus require more regulation to preserve privacy and safety for computer workers, including children. KidLogger will support the software compliance initiatives offered by Microsoft to regulate computer monitoring solutions. Today, it is time to say goodbye to the “keylogger” feature. Since June 2022 some 'privacy' related features in KidLogger service will be discontinued and removed from the control panel and Windows application. In parallel, KidLogger will continue to integrate into the Windows Parental Control framework to offer the best solutions for digital parenting. 


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More Parental Controls - Games, Smart TV and Smartphone

3 mar 2022

The presence of a parent in the life of a child is a necessary element in the upbringing and formation of personality. But the total control of the child can cause quite the opposite effect. Therefore, it is very important that parental control was loyal and manifests itself in the form of participation, interest, and support.

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How to add screen time by the request of the child

2 mar 2022

As a parent, you have the right to limit the amount of time your child can use a computer. But we live in a world where life without computers, phones, tablets and other gadgets is already hard to imagine. Entertainment, games, creativity, education – all this has its analogues in the digital world. And it is not possible to completely prohibit a child's access to a computer or any other gadget. Therefore, as a parent, you need to learn how to control your child’s time in the digital environment, but not just be limited by the schedule, but be able to approach this issue as flexibly as possible.

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Microsoft Family Safety: analog and additional tools

2 mar 2022

Using built-in applications to control a child's access to a computer or laptop has an undeniable advantage – you do not have to think about installation, payment, and even configuration. But what if such applications do not always work correctly?

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KidLogger PRO 196 and 202

11 lut 2022

Two new versions of KidLogger PRO for Android were published in February.

The version 1.6.196(2.6.16) was published first as a stable release. The new features of the application are:

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How to fix when Child request for more screen time no longer works in Microsoft Family

5 lut 2022

During the last year, Microsoft released so many security updates, that often Windows 10 or Windows 11 Update may disrupt or break Screen Time Control feature in Microsoft Family. So then some kind of glitches may occur, for example – it shows only 9 minutes of activity on Computer or the approval link for More screen time via email message will no longer work, etc. Here we show an example of a digital strategy you may use to back up yourself to avoid stress for both You and your Children. 

Here is an example when you may see only 4 minutes of gameplay were counted despite the additional 15 minutes being approved after 2 hours of screen time.

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Why installing Discord Messenger may help you with the parental control tasks

5 lut 2022

Not all of you knows that Discord is a “must have” application for any computer gamer, right ?  And now there is a one good reason to install Discord messenger for the Parents! Today, we would like to share with you a cool feature of Discord Messenger that allows you to know when and what computer games playing your Child with.


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Limitations when using data encryption

24 lis 2021

If you enable encryption in your account, you will one-step increase the security of data storage both on the server and on the local computer. Now log files and screenshots will be stored encrypted and even in case of unauthorized access, the sensual information will be inaccessible.

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