New Kidlogger applicaiton for MAC OS with sound recording

26 gru 2016

We have published a new version of Kidlogger application for MAC OS X. Now it records surrounded sound. There were added a new tab in settings. Now sound recording begins when its volume reaches a predefined threshold.

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Employees of Silicon Valley giants send their children to a nine-classroom school without computer technologies

26 paź 2016

Employees of Silicon Valley giants send their children to school without computer technologies. This is the Waldorf School of the Peninsula. You couldn’t find here screens at all. But you can find pens and paper, knitting needles and, occasionally, mud.

School without computers


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KidLogger for scientific research

26 paź 2016

When we created KidLogger, we, first of all, think of it as an opportunity to protect children from inappropriate content and gambling addiction. But, as it turned out, it can be used for scientific purposes.

KidLogger for scientific research


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KidLogger 6 for Windows

26 paź 2016

Dear parents,
Today KidLogger application for Windows was updated to 6-th version. This major update brings a lot of improvements and fixes.

Before this, if you had more than one user account on the computer, all the information about their activity was uploaded to a single virtual device on But Now it automatically creates a new virtual device record for each user of the computer.

New features list:

  • Automatically creates virtual device record on for each user account in Windows
  • Support offline mode: User activity data, screenshots and audio records will be uploded to as soon as internet connection will be restored. No mater how many days computer is in offline.
  • It prevents regular users(without administrative rights) to kill KidLogger application by using task manager or disabling it from Autostart items
  • In Options > Open Troubleshooting log button allows to easily report to us any issue or problem to resolve.
  • Better support for Windows Terminal Server to monitor user activity in remote desktop sessions.  Now it doesnt require to restart user session in order to start monitoring.

Technical notes:

KidLogger Applicaiton works as a system service and periodically re-launch monitoring application module for each user session. Since v.6 KidLogger for Windows requires Administration priveleges to open it.

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Kid’s safety may be threatened

20 paź 2016

Letting kids to school or just on the street, we tell them how should behave, what to do in emergency situations, such as stand up for themselves and avoid contact with strangers. But somehow we forget to say the same thing when letting children go to the Internet. Kid’s safety may be threatened and there too!

Is it right that we trust the network? No. What can be done to protect children on the Internet? We know the answer to this question. KidLogger team has prepared a set of recommendations that will help you to protect your child when he or she is online.

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Jak używać zdalnej kontroli SMS w nowym KidLogger PRO

29 sie 2016

Drogi Kliencie,

Możesz słuchać otaczających dźwięków i ustalić aktualną lokalizację telefonu.
Rejestruj otaczające dźwięki przez wykonanie sekretnego połączenia – w ustawieniach KidLogger PRO, w opcjach rejestrowania otaczających dźwięków, możesz wprawdzić swój drugi numer telefonu.

Kiedy zadzwonisz z tego numeru, KidLogger PRO zacznie nagrywanie dźwięków przez mikrofon telefonu docelowego.

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Parental Control for iPhone

17 sie 2016

iPhone has long moved from the field of luxury and inaccessibility to quite everyday gadget. You can see it in hands of high-ranking official, and simple student. Easy to use, multi-function smart phone from a well known manufacturer is truly worthy of such a strong love of fans. But what should parents do? Yes, we are back to the main problem of modern education of children. How to protect them from unwanted information? Or from strangers? And, of course, how to protect them from Internet addiction?

You probably know that the installation of parental control on the non-jailbroken iPhone or iPad is impossible. And few of you will agree to remove expensive phone or tablet with a warranty. But the problem remains: how to track the child and his activity in phone?

To date, many companies offer the ability of the child's iPhone tracking. But, saying the trough, there is no real parental control service for iPhones. However, we are working on it. So now we can offer good alternative to parental controls for iPhone and iPad.

Tracking iPhone is possible!

Parental Control for iPhone

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KidLogger Parental Control – now for non-jailbroken iPhones, too

20 cze 2016

Do your kids have an iPhone or iPad? Do you want to install a parental control app on their devices, but don’t want to lose your warranty and technical support? We have a solution for you!

KidLogger for Non-Jalbroken iPhone

The new version of KidLogger is ready to use on non-jailbroken iPhone and iPad.



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Local reports.

3 cze 2016

It is now possible to create local reports in Kidlogger for Mac OS. Click the View button in the main application window and you will see two small fields at the top of the log file:


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Tu znajdziesz tutoriale, artykuły i komunikaty dotyczące Kidloggera: jakie nowe funkcje zostały wprowadzone, jak zainstalować KidLoggera oraz jak ustawić monitorowanie użytkownika dla każdej z platform, jak Windows, Mac, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry czy iOS.

Z przyjemnością wysłuchamy każdej Twojej sugestii dotyczącej rozwoju aplikacji KidLogger.

Compare Parental Controls in Windows 7, Mac and

“Never leave kids and employees unsupervised.”


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