How to protect the KidLogger agent against the Windows Defender

In Windows 8 and 10, the application of KidLogger may be recognized as spyware by Windows Defender.

To prevent it you need to do the following:

1. Download the package of KidLogger for Windows; (Note: if the system detects it as a virus go directly to #3 and after #4 download it again.)

2. Disconnect the computer from the Internet; (optional)

3. Open the Control Panel and find the Windows security, using the Search field;

4. Switch the real-time protection off.

5. Unzip the KidLogger application into a new folder and install it on the computer;

6. Copy the address of the working folder from the address field;

7. Switch to the Windows Defender and find there the list of exceptions;

8. Add the address of the KidLogger working folder to the list of folders;

9. Switch the real-time protection on;

10. Connect the computer to the internet; (optional)

11. Launch the KidLogger application and connect it to your account on the server.