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The presence of a parent in the life of a child is a necessary element in the upbringing and formation of personality. But the total control of the child can cause quite the opposite effect. Therefore, it is very important that parental control was loyal and manifests itself in the form of participation, interest and support.

If you want to know what your child is doing in the digital space while you are not around, then you just need additional parental control tools.


If your child has access to a Windows PC or laptop, you can always turn on Microsoft Family Safety or install a third-party parental control program like KidLogger. Such applications allow you to covertly monitor what the child is doing at the computer. However, if you want to not only know what the child is doing, but also take an active part in his life, it is best for you to familiarize yourself with what the child reads on the Internet, what games he plays. By the way, in order to know what your son or your daughter is playing right now, you can install the game chat program Discord. In it, you can see when the child has entered the game, as well as chat with him and offer your help or support if you also play it. And then you can always discuss virtual events during live communication.

Smart TV

Modern televisions include many options for entertainment. In most cases, they also provide for the possibility of activating parental controls. You can also create separate profiles for your child for applications such as YouTube, IVI, Netflix, etc. Or you can give access to your accounts and always be aware of your browsing history. In this case, you can increase the level of mutual trust, but at the same time be sure that the child only watches what you allow.


Modern children from an early age have access to parental smartphones or tablets, and by school age, many have at their disposal personal gadgets with Internet access. These are the conditions of the modern world, despite which, the parent must control the activity of the child on the network. In order to know what a child does on the Internet, what games he plays and how much time he spends on a smartphone and tablet, the most effective way is to install a parental control program for Android.

For example, free parental control from KidLogger for Android allows you to receive reports on your child's activity on the Internet and applications, view the call and SMS log, control the time for games and create a schedule for accessing applications, if necessary. In addition, the application is password protected and can read the coordinates of the device. These features are enough if your goal is to be aware of what the child is doing on his phone. You can download parental control for Android for free here>>.

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