Kidlogger software for Android


How to install Kidlogger monitoring application?

  1. Download KidLogger setup file.
  2. Device Settings-->Security-->Unknown sources (Allow installation of non-Market applications)
  3. To open zip files you need Androzip file manager from Google Play.
  4. For Android 4.0 and newer: install Kidlogger.apk and KidloggerHelper_4.apk
  5. For Android 2.2-2.3: install  Kidlogger.apk and TalkBAckTS(from For Android 2.1 folder)
  6. Open Android’s Settings, Accessibility, Kidlogger Helper ( or TalkBackTS) -> ON.
  7. Launch please Kidlogger Parental Control application and click Settings.
  8. Configure all features you need. Note, that some menus have sub-menu.
  9. Click on Start button.


Video:How to monitor phones on Android OS

How to upload log files to

  • Register your free web account on
  • Launch Kidlogger application on target phone or tablet, open its settings.
  • Click connect to Check Upload log files.
  • In account field insert email address, you used for registration on server.
  • Click OK. Server will genrate a new virtual device with its ID in your account, and this ID will be automatically inserted in account field. Don't change this ID.
  • Note: If you have reached the limit of connected devices number, the server will inform you about the error. This limit is 1 device for basic account and 5 devices for Standard and Pro accounts. Delete one empty device from the dashboard and try again.

  • If you want to connect Kidlogger application to existing virtual device in your account, write its ID into account field.

Why Kidlogger v 1.5 is visible on your Android Smartphones and Tables?

According to the Google Market Privacy Policy the applications submitted on Android Market ought to be visible, excluding Personal rights violation. In order to use Kidlogger as a hidden application you can upgrade to Standard or Professional account types. Afterward you will receive Kidlogger v 1.6 running under different name and icon. It will be invisible in the „Application list” and it is password protected. Learn more about Kidlogger v 1.6

How to send Troubleshoot report?

If you experience any difficulties regarding application, please send us a Troubleshoot report. It will help us better understand the technical issue.

In the application main window press menu button (similar to all Android devices).

Tap on Troubleshoot as it is shown on the screenshot and then send the Bug report.

How to view the log file on my phone/tablet?

  • Launch Kidlogger application
  • Press the button Preview log file
  • Here you see the file of journal for today. If you will hold the finger on the file, you will be able to send it by e-mail or to view the source. In last case you will view when and how long was used any application or was any other activity.

Known issues

  • On some tablets, after the installing and activating of Kidlogger Helper(TalkBackTS), Android begins to speak the menu page number.

How to uninstall the application.

  • Launch please Android menu, Settings, Applications.
  • On Android 2 select “manage applications”.
  • On Android 4 select “running applications”.
  • Find Kidlogger and press on it. Click Uninstall.

Troubleshooting for Kidlogger for Android