New Parental Time control for Android


The application of Parental Time Control has been significantly improved in version 1.5.107.  Now, instead of adding to the list of educational applications all the programs that the phone needs to work, you just need to specify the gaming programs. They will be limited in time, and all other will work without restrictions.

  • In addition, during the installation the program asks for a work on top of other programs, which allows it to freely block the all prohibited and entertainment programs.
  • The program asks to ignore the battery optimization, which will disallow the Android system to close it to save the power.


  • In Android 9 and 10 it work stable;
  • Now the program logs SMS;
  • And the most interesting - in the Professional subscription, the Parental Time control program starts to record the text typed by the user and messages received and sent in Whatsapp, Viber and Skype.

We plan to add the recording of telephone conversations, photos and screenshots in instant messengers. Thus, the Parental Time Control program will do everything that the KidLogger PRO does, plus it will limit the use of the phone by the child. And the users with Professional subscription will not have to install two programs at once - hidden and open, and they will see everything and effectively control their children.

Download the Parental Time control version 107

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