Which programming language to choose for children

May 5, 2017

Many children, having got acquainted with the computer world, are excited by desire to become programmers. But where should we start? This question is asked not only by the children, but also by their parents. After all, it depends on their advice and farewell whether the child will love programming or not.


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One-time passwords for PCs

May 3, 2017

Parental control for the computer is an important part of the system of raising a child and an adolescent. But sometimes basic functions are not enough to completely restrict the child's access to the network, games or applications. In this case, the best solution is to issue one-time passwords for the PC.


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Social networks by passport

Apr 12, 2017

Last week, Russia introduced a bill "On the legal regulation of social networks", which provides for registration and entry into social networks only under a real name and with a passport.

Social networks by passport


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KidLogger Parental Control for Linux

Apr 3, 2017

Using StaffCounter program for monitoring Linux-based computers

Recently, the Linux system has ceased to be exclusively a workhorse for programmers, and is gradually coming to the house to ordinary users. And here there is a problem - how to monitor the child's actions on Linux.

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Caution: "Groups of Death"

Apr 3, 2017

At first we did not want to talk about these groups and did not even really believe in their existence. But, unfortunately, this problem is real and began to spread even in our country.

Groups of death are closed groups, which became popular several years ago on the social network VKontakte. About a year later the wave of popularity of these groups subsided, but at the end of 2016 they again began to gain popularity. And this is despite the fact that one of the first curators was arrested and convicted.

Группы смерти

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Parental control on TV

Mar 28, 2017

Recently, more and more people are beginning to acquire smart TVs (smart TVs) and to abandon the cable package in favor of online TV. But if cable television guarantees the broadcast of only 12+ content in the daytime, then with Internet cinemas you cannot be sure that the child does not stumble upon unwanted content while you are away. To avoid this, you need parental control.

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KidLogger for iOS 10

Mar 17, 2017

Good news for iPhone owners!

We have published a new version of KidLogger for iPhone/iPad with support of iOS 10.

The application has got a new design, and a feature to manually change the distanse and time interval of coordinate getting.

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Botnet is not a game

Mar 9, 2017

Say, you would become voluntary collaborators of criminals? And your children? And what if this happens against your will and even without your knowledge? Hardly you would agree to this. But, unfortunately, our reality is that about 125 million computers around the world can be part of Botnet - a global network of intruders. And it's not a joke.



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Cyberbullying or cruelty on the network: what to do and how to tackle?

Feb 22, 2017

Cyberbullying is a problem that has arisen with the advent of the Internet in most families. And if at the beginning children used the World Wide Web for games and socializing, then over time they became aware of their inaccessibility and impunity. Kids can call a classmate on the street with insulting words. But they can get a call back. Or getting caught by parents. But who will keep track of the thousands of messages in the network? Unfortunately, cyberbullying is a real problem of modern society. And many of the children may be at risk of pressure, humiliation and even virtual inducement to suicide. Therefore, parents' attention to this issue should be close and constant.



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How do children use the Internet? Parental control and cybersecurity

Feb 22, 2017

Turn on your computer, launch the browser and plunging into the world of the Internet, each one of us finds there something new and interesting. And children are no exception. But if we know how to protect ourselves online, pupils’ security can be threatened. And in this issue the program parental controls for your computer and phone will certainly help you. But let's take a closer look, how do children use the Internet and it is safe.


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