How to prevent Kidlogger stopping by Google Play Protection?

Before installing the KidLogger application, it is necessary to perform some actions on the monitoring phone.

1. Disable security software check on Google Play Protect

How to do it:

launch Play Market app -> Google Play Menu -> Play Protect –– in the bottom, disable two options.


2. Turn off notifications from Play Protection and from Google service

In Android 8 and 9, it is not enough to disable Play Protection in Google Play, because after the disabling after a while, will appear a notification: “Protection is disabled” - Enable. A child will turn it on and the protection will immediately detect the installed monitoring application: “Delete the dangerous application” - Delete.

To prevent the arriving of such notifications you need to turn off the  notifications in Google Play Store and Google Play services. How to do it:

Method 1.

Open Settings / Notifications

Find Google Play Store and Google Play Services in the list and disable notifications there.

Method 2

Launch Settings / Applications, find Google Play Services - go there, move it up and open the Notifications. And turn off the main switch there.

Now do the same for Google Play Store.


3. Clear the cache of Google Play Store - if you disable protection after the installation of KidLogger.

If you didn’t turn off the safe software check in Google Play Protect before installing the application, but did it later, then maybe you will see the message “Delete dangerous application”.

Then you need to do the following:

1. Remove the installed monitoring application.
2. Clean the cache of the Google Play Store.
3. Reboot the phone.
4. Disable the protection in Google Play again.
5. And only now you can install the KidLogger application again.

P.S. We also recommen to disable the automatic update of Play Store.

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