First KidLogger apps with remote control

Meet two new versions of KidLogger with remote configuration. Today were published a new version of KidLogger PRO for Android, where all the parameters you can configure from the server.

We have also published a beta-version of KidLogger for Windows, where were fixed some bugs and added a remote configuration.

You can download it from here. The password for the archive is 12345

How to remotely configure the setting?

Just open "Settings" page and select desired virtual device.

The settings for mobile devices and PCs are different. After you changed an option, click Save Settings button to confirm it. The device will receive the changed configuration during next 30 min, if it is connected. If you want to apply these changing immediately, just restart the device.

We ask you to provide us your ideas, what other settings and possibilities you want to be added to this feature. Use our contact form on Help page.


Tu znajdziesz tutoriale, artykuły i komunikaty dotyczące Kidloggera: jakie nowe funkcje zostały wprowadzone, jak zainstalować KidLoggera oraz jak ustawić monitorowanie użytkownika dla każdej z platform, jak Windows, Mac, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry czy iOS.

Z przyjemnością wysłuchamy każdej Twojej sugestii dotyczącej rozwoju aplikacji KidLogger.

Compare Parental Controls in Windows 7, Mac and

“Never leave kids and employees unsupervised.”


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