Botnet is not a game

Say, you would become voluntary collaborators of criminals? And your children? And what if this happens against your will and even without your knowledge? Hardly you would agree to this. But, unfortunately, our reality is that about 125 million computers around the world can be part of Botnet - a global network of intruders. And it's not a joke.



What is a botnet?

Botnet is an integrated network of computers infected with so-called bots. Such a computer can be used for different purposes: sending spam, DDOS attacks, selecting passwords, etc. In this case, the user does not even notice that his computer is being used by someone else. But because of you people will receive letters of questionable content, your favorite sites will be temporarily unavailable, while others may lose all the money on the credit card.

It’s really easy to infect your computer. It's enough to install the hacked software or launch a keygen. A couple of clicks - and you are already an unwitting accomplice to intruders. The mechanism of the bots is quite simple: they masquerade as system processes, substitute the files themselves and very often are in the command waiting mode. Arrange an attack on the server? Hack the password? Steal money? All this can be easily accomplished with the help of your computer. And, most importantly, hen trying to find an intruder, the relevant authorities will first come to you. And it does not matter that you are not guilty of hacking into a government database or robbing a bank, you still have to go around the courts and pay a fine for using unlicensed software.

How not to become part of the botnet?

If you do not want to become part of a harmful network, you need to take a number of measures. First of all, refuse of using hacked software and all kinds of keygen. Remember that bots are not identified by antivirus programs. Use only licensed software, especially since the majority of the programs have a free version and free analogs. For example, Microsoft Office - Libre office, Adobe Photoshop - Artweaver Free, Adobe Premiere - Shotcut, VideoPad. You need to search and get used to the new interface.

As for games, the situation here is much more complicated. Games do not have analogues, and only the simplest or demo versions are free. Therefore, you need to closely monitor what your children are playing. For example, the most famous game among children is Mineraft. Most children use hacked version than expose themselves to danger and you become part of a botnet.

It's also worthwhile to talk with the children and explain to them that using stolen software can lead to very unpleasant consequences. Install KidLogger on your computer and make sure that your children do not run unwanted programs, do not visit dangerous sites and use only licensed software. After all, a botnet is not a game.


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