Support for end-2-end encryption (E2EE) soon

KidLogger team would like to announce the end-to-end encryption (E2EE) feature soon will become available for all KidLogger users. With “end-to-end encryption” feature enabled, the data will be encrypted by KidLogger Agent apps before upload to the server and then decrypted in your web browser right in a moment when you are looking at the activity reports from your children's computer or smartphone. This provides the highest privacy level since data delivered to the cloud storage in encrypted form. This will enable the strongest compliance with GDPR regulation, since all the data will be encrypted, processed and stored in encrypted and anonymized form by default. Since this feature will be enabled on an account, KidLogger will store only encrypted data blobs for each children device. Thus, information that belongs to you will not be processed by KidLogger or data platform provider in open form. 

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