KidLogger PRO for Android hidden version 2.6.36

For Android 10-13

It can be recognized as potentially dangerous software by antivirus apps because of its monitoring features.

You have to disable the Play Protect and all antivirus apps before you download this software.

Read, please, before download it:

How to prepare a phone for KidLogger PRO installation

How to prevent KidLogger from being stopped by Google Play Services;


Release notes: Improved connecting to local server.

QR-code for the package

Important! How to install KidLogger PRO for Android.

All versions of KidLogger PRO for Android

Note! In Standard and in Basic account it will work in Demo mode: only 10 messages, 10 screenshots and 10 call records since the installation.

Download screen-reader module (Support Android) v5

Download Android keyboard

About KidLogger PRO for Android

Read more about how to record passwords >>.

Download a secret module for tablets

Read, please, how to prevent KidLogger from being stopped by Google Play Services >>