Smart screenshot, experimental feature for Windows

We added a new experimental feature for Windows. Many customers ask us to make screenshots more often than once a minute. Now it is possible.

You need to have Standard or Professional subscription. Log into your personal account and open the Settings page. If you have more than one device, choose the desired one in the list.

Find the option "Interval between screenshots, min"

- If you don't need screenshots at all, input there 0;

- If you want to make screenshots every minute - input there 1;

- To make screenshots with intervals 2-29 minutes, write this value into the field.

- To make screenshots more often, write from 30 to 40. It will mean, the interval between screenshots will be from 30 to 40 SECONDS!. For example, the highest rate of screenshots will be with value 30. It will make screenshots with interval 30 seconds.

Note: it will speed up the filling of the server folder. For example, if you have a Standard subscription and the maximal size of uploaded data is 200 MB, it will be enough for about only 400 screenshots. If screenshots appear every 30 seconds, it means it makes 2 screenshots per minute. 400 / 2 = 200 minutes. Your storage will be full in 3 hours!

So, use this possibility, only if you can explore the results every hour.

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