KidLogger PRO 196 and 202

Two new versions of KidLogger PRO for Android were published in February.

The version 1.6.196(2.6.16) was published first as a stable release. The new features of the application are:

— improved call log. Now it connects the call database immediately after the call;

— added audio file encryption. To enable encryption, click your name in the upper-right corner and in the bottom click Enable Encryption button. If the device is already connected, there will appear a notification that it supports encryption. You need to confirm the encryption for this device.

Note: it will be impossible to hear the encrypted audio file directly from the server. You will need to download it onto your computer or smartphone.

For more information about encryption>>


The version 1.6.202(2.6.22) was published as a beta-release. In this version was added the possibility to connect to other servers, not only and This version was created especially for local server owners.

Read more about local server>>

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