KidLogger agent for Windows with end-to-end encryption

We are happy to announce the new stable version of the KidLogger agent with data encryption. You can already download it on the download page and set it as the main one.

Download the latest version of KidLogger for Windows >>

What’s in the new version:

  1. Added the possibility of end-to-end data encryption (programs, typed text, web, screenshots);
  2. Separate entry of the header and URL of the visited Web pages;
  3. Minor technical improvements.

The program works equally good with or without encryption enabled in the account.
How to enable end-to-end encryption in your account >>

Encryption improves the security of your data storage. After encryption is applied, all log files and screenshots are stored encrypted on the server. Audio files are not encrypted yet. Data decryption is performed at the level of the Web browser when viewing the monitoring results, provided that the service user is logged into the system using the account password. Server administrators have access to neither the data nor the account password, since it is stored on the server as a hash code that cannot be decrypted.

On the local computer, in the KidLogger working folder, the data is also stored in encrypted form.

Data encryption imposes some restrictions. For example, if you change the password in your account on the server, all previously uploaded data becomes unreadable.

If your account has encryption enabled, you’ll need to confirm it for all devices. Otherwise, the KidLogger program, which supports encryption, will start sending only information about the applications used and nothing more.

KidLogger agent programs that do not support encryption will work as before and will send unencrypted data.

You cannot cancel encryption in your account. If you do not wish to use encryption anymore, please contact us via the contact form.

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