KidLogger agent for MAC with end-to-end encryption

24 בנוב׳ 2021

Today we are announcing the release of a new version (1.8.35) of the KidLogger agent with data encryption. It is already available on the download page.

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KidLogger agent for Windows with end-to-end encryption

24 בנוב׳ 2021

We are happy to announce the new stable version of the KidLogger agent with data encryption. You can already download it on the download page and set it as the main one.


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How to enable End-2-End Encryption (E2EE)

23 בנוב׳ 2021

Today, KidLogger is the first solution in the world that offers End-2-End Encryption (E2EE). All the data captured from child's computers will be encrypted and decrypted only for the account owner. The child's activity data captured from end-point devices will be encrypted before transfer to our cloud service. The main difference with SSL encryption is that data is still kept encrypted when it reaches KidLogger cloud storage and further, it is kept encrypted even in all types of running instances of the database, execution contexts, and processing algorithms within our cloud servers. When you log in into your account, the data is delivered to the web browser in initial encrypted form and being decrypted on-the-fly right on the Web Browser page by using the Java-Script program and encryption features of the browser.  Here we explain how to update or install new KidLogger agent software and set up the E2EE encryption feature.

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KidLogger Kid Safety agent for Android

7 באוק׳ 2021

We are glad to announce a new version of parental control application for Android that will work for both KidLogger and StaffCounter services. Due to the latest challenges in cyber-security landscape, user monitoring applications needs to be adapted to conform both regulatory compliance such as GDPR and vendor based Reputation, such as Microsoft PUA or Google Play Protect. 

The new application will not be hidden, but has the same features as hidden PRO version. The idea is to keep transparency and informs the phone user about the actions that are being monitored. In the taskbar, you can see the icon of the Application, that opens the info window with the actual supervision configuration from parents or company. We also are going to integrate mobile push notifications to keep track application activity from online service.




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KidLogger update for Windows 10, PUA defender

15 בספט׳ 2021

For the last year, cyber-criminals succeeded in a few significant cyberattacks by using weaknesses in Windows operating system, and so-called “supply chain” attack approaches.

As a response, since September 2021, for the latest Windows 10 version (20H2), Microsoft turned ON by default protection against potentially unwanted apps (PUA) by blocking them when downloading files. Windows defender flagged KidLogger Setup as PUA due to functionality like screenshots, screen reading and key logging. At the same time, Symantec Endpoint protection also labeled SafeJKA code signature as “WS. Reputation” flag. We have modified product setup and submitted an application of False-Positive detection to both organizations.  To change the KidLogger reputation level in Windows Defender cloud-based Threat intelligence, we also have released an extra update. 

For now, we assure you, it is absolutely safe to install KidLogger Setup file. If you encounter difficulties downloading setup file – use  “Allow on this Device” option in Windows Threat protection dialog. 


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Smart screenshot, experimental feature for Windows

25 ביוני 2021

We added a new experimental feature for Windows. Many customers ask us to make screenshots more often than once a minute. Now it is possible.

You need to have Standard or Professional subscription. Log into your personal account and open the Settings page. If you have more than one device, choose the desired one in the list.


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Support for end-2-end encryption (E2EE) soon

18 ביוני 2021

KidLogger team would like to announce the end-to-end encryption (E2EE) soon will become available for all KidLogger users. With “end-to-end encryption” feature enabled, the data will be encrypted and anonymized by KidLogger Agent apps before upload to the server and then decrypted in your web browser right in a moment when you are looking at the activity reports from your children's computer or smartphone. This provides the highest privacy level since data delivered to the cloud storage in encrypted form. This will enable the strongest compliance with GDPR regulation, since all the data will be encrypted, processed and stored in encrypted and anonymized form by default. Since this feature will be enabled on an account, KidLogger will store only encrypted data blobs for each children device. Thus, information that belongs to you will not be processed by KidLogger or our data platform provider in open form. 

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Children's patterns of behavior during distance learning.

23 במרץ 2021

In this article, we will examine how children behave during distance learning, and how this can be determined using KidLogger for Windows.

We will look at six basic patterns of behavior:

  1.     The child is listening to the conference. He or she does not touch the computer;
  2.     The child is talking over Zoom with a teacher;
  3.     The child is chatting with friends using an extraneous chat client (Skype, Discord);
  4.     The child is reading some extraneous material in Word;
  5.     The child is looking at an extraneous website (Facebook);
  6.     The child is watching an extraneous video (YouTube).
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Distance education and Zoom online learning under supervision.

11 במרץ 2021

During the lockdown, we had to transfer children to a distance education. Online learning tools such as Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet replaced the classrooms now. Many children have studied this way before, they just had a very long way to get to school. But how to control the distance learning quality for young students?

The adults can not always force themselves to concentrate and focus on work or study. What can we say about children! If they get distracted and do extraneous things, the teachers will not know about it, because many have their cameras turned off, and the desktop is not visible. Meanwhile, knowledge gaps can negatively affect not only exam results, but also a child's future career. If a child gets used to being distracted now, he will never get rid of this habit again.

Now KidLogger for Windows record activity in online lessons conducted through Zoom: Number of participants, lesson duration, screen sharing activity, Zoom chat messages. Here, we will demonstrate how KidLogger may help to assess the online learning tools such as Zoom and Google Meet to understand the effect of distance education.

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KidLogger on MacOS 11.2.2 Big Sur

5 במרץ 2021

KidLogger for macOS is compatible with Mac OS X 11.2.2!  Here we provide an instruction on how to configure it on a new operating system for MAC.

After unpacking the package, the KidLogger program ( object) should be moved to the Applications folder. If you run the program from the Downloads folder, it will only work until the first reboot.

When you start it for the first time, appears a warning that the program was downloaded from the Internet and no dangerous code was found in it. You need to click the Open button.

In order to connect the program to the KidLogger server or view the settings, press the Options button. KidLogger options were changed. The settings that you have to set up from the server side are now read-only.

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Here you can find tutorials, articles and announcements about KidLogger SAS: what new features we’ve implemented, how to install Kidlogger, and how to set up user monitoring for different platforms like Windows, Mac, Android.

We’re happy to hear any suggestions you might have about improving KidLogger.

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