How to monitor more than 10 computers/phones?

If you need to monitor more than 5 computers or mobile phones / tablets, you can visit This is Employee Monitoring and Time Tracking SaaS service designed especially for small buisness companies for employee monitoring.
Also it can be used for parental control as well. You can monitor unlimited number of computer/phones/tablets and have more featured reports and analytics.


StaffCounter is a fully automated time-tracking and monitoring system, which allows you to know of what your employees are really doing on a Computer.

Detailed productivity reports will identify employees who doesn’t work, spend a lot of time on entertainment web sites, or who take long smoke breaks.

StaffCounter benefits:
- Tracks total time spent for the job and personal needs.
- Absence management, discipline control, skype control.
- View reports, timetables and screenshots online


Note: You must uninstall Kidlogger monitoring agent before you install Staffcounter, and vice versa.

If you still want to use some Kidlogger features such as voice recording, text typed, photo uploading on Android, you can connect the installed Kidlogger application to your account on