Troubleshooting for Kidlogger for MAC OS:

  • Verify please in Kidlogger Options, if this feature is switched on or not. All the settings are on the server on the Settings page. Switch on the options, you need. Then you need to restart the computer.
  • Open System Preferences, Security and privacy, Privacy, Accessibility. Unlock the settings and check KidLogger application on.
  • Login target user account, and open System Preferences, Security and privacy, Privacy, Screen Recording. Unlock the settings and tick the KidLogger application.

  • Launch Finder application, find Kidlogger in the list of installed applications. Make a right-click on its icon, select Show package contents. Open Contents folder, Resources, select Logs folder.
  • Make a right-click on it and select Get Info.
  • Expand the group Sharing & Permissions, clicking on the triangle. Install the privilege Read & write for all the users.