“Never leave kids and employees unsupervised.”

Kids using computer

Being a parent today is not an easy job. A vulnerable child’s psyche is exposed to many hazards posed by today’s world. And the internet, cyberspace, has become one of the sources of those hazards. However, nowadays, there is hardly a person – be it a child, teenager or an adult – who can imagine his or her life without virtual hobbies. Given all this, parents are doing their best in trying to protect their kids from negative influence the internet contains. With kids being at home and offline, you feel more or less comfortable being able, from time to time, to keep an eye on what they are doing. But it makes you feel helpless when your children are away from home or surf through social networks without being supervised and, thus, protected. Googling some words or questions can direct your kids to the Websites containing pornographic material, gambling and immoral games, or have them hooked by pop-windows with attractive proposals. Involved in social networking, they risk being bullied by adults that register under kids’ accounts at Facebook etc.

Sometimes employees of big companies behave themselves like children maybe because of the bad staff motivation or native unconsciousness, the reasons can vary. In a big company it’s hard to control employee’s activity, as a result the efficiency and profits fall down. Social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, My space became a real epidemic on the corporate level. The staff is goofing off during working hours: sending messages, leaving comments on friends' profiles, changing photos.

Kidlogger monitors and controls the activities on computer, smartphones and Tablets, and gives possibility to keep an eye on users' activity by using your online account. Kidlogger.net allows logging, saving, analyzing log files, screenshots, voice recordings from Windows, Mac, Android systems. This service helps to supervise the company’s staff and monitor working processes. Many psychologists believe that informing the employees about the monitoring software installed on their devices will raise up the level of their discipline and work capacity (read more about legal use of Kidlogger). With the help of Kidlogger, company management can cut down expenses on the corporate phones, avoid news leakage from the negligent employee, divulge commercial classified information, and increase the employee performance.

The basic advantages of Kidlogger:
1 easy and quick to install
2 work both on and off Network
3 include multiple solutions for computer and smartphone monitoring
4 Freeware application
5 Open source software C++
6 Multiplatform Windows, Mac, Android

Benefits for parents who use KidLogger as monitoring software:

  1. In case you are busy and don’t have time to read a long list of activities, we offer easy-to-use reports with analytics.
  2. It’s a virtual nanny for children using computer or phone.
  3. GPRS coordinates will indicate where your children are.
  4. You can prevent kids from meeting and having conversation with pedophiles and Internet predators.
  5. Specify the words you don’t want your kids to use while surfing in cyberspace (sex, drugs, terrorism, violation).    

Benefits of staff monitoring

  1. Keep increasing personnel productivity.
  2. Protect your company from theft of intellectual property and trade secrets.
  3. Protect your company from fraud. Prevent sharing valuable business-related information with the competitors.


What about corporate smartphones? What is the solution while monitoring staff phone activity? Kidlogger will keep you informed if employees talk on the phone at inappropriate time or make too many improper phone calls, and it will record the SMS and MMS sent, detect and save GPRS coordinates. Take care of kid’s phones. The Application tracks their location during the day. Make sure your kids are on their way to school or scheduled practices.


Using Kidlogger you can monitor employee’s computers and phones. You can access your online account from anywhere (office, home) and anytime - even while on vacation or a business trip. Sending children to school, we want to be aware of their whereabouts and be sure that nothing threatens them. Kidlogger will help you to protect your children from harassment, addictions, bullying by predators or taking part in it. When it comes to employees, the company’s management is looking to maintain the working discipline, help an employee to improve his or her work performance and wants to be sure that nothing threatens the company’s success. And this is where the Kidlogger service can be of great assistance to you.