8 tips on how to avoid problems with Youtube.

There are only a few popular video hostings in the world where you can find any information. The most famous and most visited at the moment is Youtube from Google. The registration and posting videos on it is absolutely free and unlimited. However, there are rules on it that cannot be violated. For example, you can’t post materials offending other people's feelings or unacceptable to children. In addition, you cannot post copyrighted audio and video. For this reason, you will not find videos on Youtube, that contain other Youtube videos posted by other users before. In addition, there will be no materials for adults and famous movies in good quality.

The content recognition system works automatically and if you just publish a video containing a piece of copyrighted music, you will immediately see a message about a violation of the rules. So the first two tips are:

  1. Do not post materials that offend the feelings of others or unacceptable to children.
  2. Do not post copyrighted audio and video.

The consequences for the intruder may be different. For example, if you publish a Beethoven sonata, your video will be interrupted by advertising more often than usual, regardless of whether you allowed the advertisement or not. If you use any modern composition as the background, then most likely your video will be blocked at all.

Repeated violation of the rules leads to the blocking of the channel. Moreover, creating a new gmail address will not solve the problem. The fact is that the Google service, of which Youtube is a part, knows more about you than you think. Let’s watch for example a YouTube video and click the name of its author.

On the main page we can see the same video that we just watched, but above it become available to us the other videos of this author, as well as his playlists. What is a playlist? This is a list of videos by this author.

If you click About link, you can see the date of registration of the e-mail address and the country where the author lives.

In addition, in two clicks you can get access to his e-mail address. So, the third rule is:

3. Remember that your location and e-mail address will be available to all viewers.

Now let’s imagine that we ourselves upload our video to the hosting. When we do this, it seems to us that we are creating our own video album and it will be available only to us. However, remember that if you didn’t restrict the access to your videos, every Youtube visitor can see them. Each person who watches one of your videos will have access to your other videos.

In other words, if you want to upload your personal video, use a different Gmail address.

4. Do not publish your private videos on the same channel as videos you shot for work. Use a different Google Account for your personal videos.

The e-mail address and country of residence is only a small part of the information that the Youtube service stores about the user. The fact is that every browser when visiting each site provides it a lot of information about the user. This information was originally intended to be used to properly deliver and display the contents of Web pages. Let's see what this information is:

  1. IP address This is a set of four numbers from 0 to 255, which is assigned by the provider to each Internet user. Of course, the user can be a local network of some apartment, house or enterprise. But even within this network, to find a specific person is not so difficult.
  2. The type of computer operating system and Web browser name. Initially, this information was used to display correctly the web pages and to downloading programs specifically for the desired operating system. If we talk about tracking of user actions, then this data also contributes to its unique identification.
  3. Screen resolution and browser version as well as installed plugins. These three factors create a fairly unique browser fingerprint, which allows them to identify the user, even if he changed his e-mail address.


Now let's think about this: Even if the user has changed the e-mail address, then he usually leaves the old password! Of course, the passwords in the database are stored in the form of hash codes, but the same passwords have the same hash codes! The service can compare passwords, IP addresses and fingerprints of browsers to identify the user at 100%.

Here follow very important conclusions. Placing videos on Youtube provides to this service almost all the information about you, about your location. Your video sequence will inform the service how you look, how your surroundings look. In addition, the service receives a sample of your voice. On posting extremist or incriminating information it will be very easy to find the author’s address. By the video itself it can find your friends, what you own, as well as your hobbies and habits. All this can be used for commercial purposes (to sell you something unnecessary), as well as to put pressure on you. So the fifth tip is:

5. Remember that Google knows a lot about you. Address, appearance, surroundings, hobbies and habits.

On December 10, 2019, new Youtube service rules came into force, which obliged the authors to specifically indicate for each video whether the video is intended exclusively for children or for the rest of the audience. The movies exclusively for children will not be interrupted by personalized ads.

However, videos that are not intended for children at all should also be marked in a special way. For violation of the last rule, the sanctions will be up to the channel disconnecting. So the following tip is:

6. Do not publish videos for children unless you are a professional in this field. Share adult videos in a separate, private channel.

And one moment. According to the new rules, the Youtube service may close a channel that does not present a commercial interest for it. Keep these two things in mind before posting your personal and family videos to Youtube. After all, if you post a video on the channel that is available only to you, it will not represent any commercial value for Youtube, which will mean that your channel will be closed. And it’s not a person who closes it, but a program that sees that the video is not gaining enough views to recoup the cost of the service through advertising. So the era of cloud storage may again be replaced by the era of family albums and DVDs. To avoid the unpleasant consequences the last 2 tips:

7.  Do not disable ads.

8.  Keep a copy of your video albums on other video hostings.

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