Social networks by passport

Last week, Russia introduced a bill "On the legal regulation of social networks", which provides for registration and entry into social networks only under a real name and with a passport.

Social networks by passport

The main goal of the law: the ban on the registration of social networks of children under 14 years. And also the ban on joining groups with adult content of those who have not yet reached adulthood. Protecting children from unwanted information, psychological pressure and harmful influence underpins the bill. It also states that owners of social networks will bear financial responsibility in case of registration of children under 14 years old. Parents who did not overlook a child are also facing a fine.

Today, the Internet carries a number of dangers to children, and such a law can significantly reduce risks. There is a similar situation in the EU and America now: social networks, various sites are under the close scrutiny of the authorities to protect minors from unwanted information.

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