Parental control on TV

Recently, more and more people are beginning to acquire smart TVs (smart TVs) and to abandon the cable package in favor of online TV. But if cable television guarantees the broadcast of only 12+ content in the daytime, then with Internet cinemas you cannot be sure that the child does not stumble upon unwanted content while you are away. To avoid this, you need parental control.

If you are the owner of such a TV and have long switched to watching TV channels online, then do not forget that it is accessible to your children. Not all parents are thinking about what exactly their children are watching on TV. We were not bothered about it in the beginning, until one day we found a TV series on the list that no one had ever watched. We were lucky, it was just a show, which is shown daily on one of the TV channels and which is watched by all the children. But the situation could be more unpleasant. In general, I had to conduct an educational conversation and think about how to protect children from unwanted information in these "smart TVs."

Parental control on Smart-TV

Online cinemas, which are trying to replace an analog TV, contain not only family content, but also broadcasts, films and other information 18+. This includes, and many others that are preinstalled on all Smart-TV.

First of all, you must enable parental control on the TV itself. The algorithm may differ depending on the brand (for details on how to enable the Parental Control function on your TV, see the instructions for it). For example, in Smart-TVs Samsung, Sony and LG, the parental control function allows you to protect any application from running with a special pin code.

You can install the pin code on applications (online theaters, Youtube, Internet browser, games), as well as block access to specific TV channels or entire groups of TV channels.

Parental control on TV-Box

Holders of simple TVs can also use the parental control function if TV-Box is used to access the Internet and TV channels. In the settings there is a special item "Parental settings", in which you can specify an access password, deny access to Youtube and other online theaters, selected TV channels.

Parental Control on Xbox

Settings Xbox allows you to control the child's access to certain applications or movies. So, if the settings forbid watching horror movies, then when you open an online movie theater all horror movies will be marked with a "prohibited" icon. To play such movies or programs, you will need to enter a password.

Additional solution: for children

If you want your child to have independent access only to children's programs, then you can additionally install the online children's movie application for children. In its base there are children's films, telecasts, and various educational programs without superfluous advertising. However, you will need to set a ban on all other online theaters containing adult content.


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