Kid’s safety may be threatened

Letting kids to school or just on the street, we tell them how should behave, what to do in emergency situations, such as stand up for themselves and avoid contact with strangers. But somehow we forget to say the same thing when letting children go to the Internet. Kid’s safety may be threatened and there too!

Is it right that we trust the network? No. What can be done to protect children on the Internet? We know the answer to this question. KidLogger team has prepared a set of recommendations that will help you to protect your child when he or she is online.

Talk with your child

From early childhood, you say to your child "do not cross on the red", "do not talk to strangers", "tell me if you being bullied." So why not pursue this conversation every time your child is going to be online?

Being on the Internet, the child can meet with many dangers, which he must notify.

Strangers - millions of them online. And the child should not communicate with those whom he does not know. And if a stranger wrote first, it is necessary to inform the parents. Especially if the message was obscene or call to meet in real life.

Fraudulent software and viruses. Warn your child that installing unknown software can damage your computer and steal personal information. It will be best if the child will come to you if he needed something to download and install. You can also show the trusted sites.

Cyberbulling  - children's cruelty in the network. If your child is being bullied peers at school - you notice it. But what if your child being bullied over the Internet? Explain to your children that no one dares to offend them. And if this happens, then you are bound to come to the rescue and solve this problem once and for all.

Unwanted information. Blockers of advertising, pornographic content and other unwanted information can facilitate the solution of this problem. But you still need to explain to the child what is possible and what is impossible to look at and read, even if it is sent by friends.

Install parental time control app KidLogger

KidLogger parental control software will help you to solve a number of problems related to the child's safety on the network. The following information is available:


  • • The addresses of visited sites;
  • • How long the computer or phone was used;
  • • Calls and SMS with phone numbers and contact name;
  • • The content of the correspondence in social networks or instant messengers;
  • • Display Screenshots.


Thanks KidLogger you can adjust the schedule to access applications on the phone, set the schedule and limit the use of certain applications. It is the perfect solution for school time, when all children's attention should be focused on their studies.

Help your child find a hobby offline

If your kids spend too much time on the Internet, it's time to think about a hobby offline. It may be drawing courses, dancing, modeling, and more. You can always instill in them a love of reading. Also every evening you can gather the whole family and do something together.

Protecting children is simple - you need to be responsible parents. Such as you are!


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We’re happy to hear any suggestions you might have about improving KidLogger.

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