Attention MAC users!

16 Eki 2018

There has been detected a problem with hidden monitoring in MAC OS 10.14!
If you monitor your child's computer is hidden mode, don't upgrade it to new version of MAC OS X.
Mac OS X 10.14 is asking a user the pimission to access the camera, microphone and browsers for KidLogger and KidLogger PRO programs. 
Before we solve this problem, we advice you not to upgrade your computer to 10.14 Mojave! If the upgrade is already done, log in the computer in your child's account and allow KidLogger/KidLogger PRP access to  camera, microphone and browsers Google chrome and Safari.


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Incompatible applications, or how do optimizers block KidLogger for Android

18 Tem 2018

Many applications are incompatible with Kidlogger for Android. Anti-virus applications can recognize the KidLogger as a spyware and stop it. Memory-optimizing programs stop the background processes to clear the memory for active programs. You can add KidLogger and its modules to a list of exceptions, but after the next update this program may "forget" about the exceptions.

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New features of Kidlogger PRO for Android

30 Haz 2018

We have released a new version of Keystroke-recording module for Android 4 and newer.

Now it can records the messages in 12 popular messengers:   IMO, Skype, Facebook, Line, Viber, Whatsapp, Kik, Hike, BBM, Snapchat, Tango and KakaoTalk. Hope you'll love this feature.

A new option has appeared in Maps analytics.


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Remote Control application for KidLogger PRO. The application for parents.

29 Haz 2018

Today we publish a remote control applicaiton for Kidlogger PRO for Android. This applicaiton is designed for the parents, who installed KidLogger PRO application on their child's phone. It can show what is going on with the child in real time.

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Screenshots of messages in messengers are available in KidLogger PRO for Android

27 Haz 2018

Today we have published 108-th version of Kidlogger PRO for Android. The new version, accompanied with Support Android from 18-06.2018 takes the screenshots once in 15 sec in popular messengers: Skype, Viber, Line, Telegram, Snapchat, Facebook messenger and Whatsapp.

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Kidlogger PRO'dan SMS kontrolü nasıl kullanılır

23 Haz 2018

Sayın Kullanıcılar,

Çocuğunuzun telefonu civarındaki sesleri artık uzaktan dinleyebilirsiniz, ayrıca konumunu belirleyebilirsiniz. Çevredeki sesleri gizli arama yaparak kaydedin.

Kidlogger PRO ayarlarına girin, Surround sound recording seçin ve ikinci numaranızı girin. Bu numaradan arama yapığınızda Kidlogger PRO telefon meşgulmuş gibi aramayı kabul etmez, fakat bununla birlikte çocuğunuzun telefonu etrafındaki sesleri kaydetmeye başlar.

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KidLogger PRO with Snapchat recording

1 Haz 2018

We added a support for Snapchat messenger.

Now KidLogger PRO for Android will record the messages of Snapchat.


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Statistics: Every fifth child at least once received on the Internet photo 18+

9 Şub 2018

The safety of children on the Internet is daily threatened. Unfortunately, parents cannot constantly monitor what the child does on the network. Especially if the child's computer and smartphone does not have a parental control program installed. Statistics show that every fifth teenager at least once received from unfamiliar or familiar people on the Internet a photo of a sexual nature.

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Facebook created special messenger for kids

6 Ara 2017

Messenger Kids - this is a new application from Facebook, created specifically for the safe communication between children on the network. Thanks to the built-in parental control, children are completely protected from unwanted contacts and cyberbullying through social networks.


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First KidLogger apps with remote control

13 Eki 2017

Meet two new versions of KidLogger with remote configuration. Today were published a new version of KidLogger PRO for Android, where all the parameters you can configure from the server.

We have also published a beta-version of KidLogger for Windows, where were fixed some bugs and added a remote configuration.


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