First KidLogger apps with remote control

13 Eki 2017

Meet two new versions of KidLogger with remote configuration. Today were published a new version of KidLogger PRO for Android, where all the parameters you can configure from the server.

We have also published a beta-version of KidLogger for Windows, where were fixed some bugs and added a remote configuration.


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Meet new version of KidLogger PRO for Android

10 Eki 2017

The new version is extremely easy to install and configure. It is not in encrypted archive. You can install it and immediately launch. Clicking on the buttons, you download additional modules,  and switch all the permissions on.


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Uninstall these applications before you install Kidlogger for Android

28 Eyl 2017

Many applications are incompatible with Kidlogger for Android. Anti-virus applications can recognize the KidLogger as a spyware and stop it. Memory-optimizing programs stop the background processes to clear the memory for active programs. You can add KidLogger and its modules to a list of exceptions, but after the next update this program may "forget" about the exceptions.

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Keep track of connections to your Control Panel and ensure login security

23 Ağu 2017

Our latest update is designed to ensure that your account on remains secure by keeping a detailed log of all actions carried out in the  Control Panel. We have created a full-featured session audit with detailed information on every connection. To access this information, all you have to do is visit your profile.



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How to protect children during the summer holidays

7 Haz 2017

It is summer, and the beginning of the longest school holidays. That is, the time when most children are left to themselves. No homework, lessons and compulsory cases. But there is a street and there is a computer with Internet access. Let's try to figure out how to protect children in the summer when their parents are at work.

parental control

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How to limit the time of gaming on a computer with Windows 10

11 May 2017

Most parents are faced with the problem of controlling the time of games on the computer. You can use KidLogger Parental Control for your phone and tablet, but what can you do with laptops and PCs? We have already talked about using one-time passwords that allow you to restrict access to the system. Today we will tell you how to control the time for games and computer usage, namely about the built-in parental control in Windows 10.


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Which programming language to choose for children

5 May 2017

Many children, having got acquainted with the computer world, are excited by desire to become programmers. But where should we start? This question is asked not only by the children, but also by their parents. After all, it depends on their advice and farewell whether the child will love programming or not.


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One-time passwords for PCs

3 May 2017

Parental control for the computer is an important part of the system of raising a child and an adolescent. But sometimes basic functions are not enough to completely restrict the child's access to the network, games or applications. In this case, the best solution is to issue one-time passwords for the PC.


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Social networks by passport

12 Nis 2017

Last week, Russia introduced a bill "On the legal regulation of social networks", which provides for registration and entry into social networks only under a real name and with a passport.

Social networks by passport


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Linux için Kidlogger ebeveyn kontrolü

3 Nis 2017

StaffCounter programının  OS Linux bazlı bilgisayarların denetlenmesi için kullanılması.

Son zamanlarda Linux sistemi yalnızca programcıların kullandıkları sistem olmamaktadır ve yavaş yavaş her kullanıcının evine gelmektedir. Ve bundan ötürü başka bir problem meydana geliyor- acaba çocuklarımızın Linux'ta yaptığı hareketler nasıl takip edilir.

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