KidLogger. Why do I need it? Use cases

  1. Kids Safety in Cyberspace;
  2. Find out with whom your child talks on the Internet or by phone;
  3. Parental Time Control;
  4. Laptop or phone location tracking;
  5. Use your computer as a sound recording tool;
  6. Remote SMS control.

KidLogger - is software for monitoring user activity on the computer or phone, which includes a parental control tool. The functionality of the program allows using it in different areas of life, from child-rearing to adjust your own discipline. But let's look at all the possibilities of KidLogger app.

1. Kids Safety in Cyberspace

parental control We know the importance for each parent to know what their children do while staying alone. That is why the program KidLogger includes the function of monitoring user activity on the computer and the phone. Now you can easily keep track of your children while they're using the computer and get to know what games they are playing in, which sites they are visiting, etc. The program works automatically and does not require the intervention of parents in the process.
KidLogger collects all the necessary data and inform you of the following:

  • Which sites have been opened through the browser;
  • What games and applications were launched on your phone or PC;
  • With whom your child communicates online;
  • The content of the chats in Skype, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.;
  • The contents of voice message in Skype;
  • SMS, call log on your smartphone with the names and telephone numbers of subscribers;
  • What kind of pictures were taken by telephone.
Get all the information above, you can see the overall picture of your child's life in the network and to take measures in time, if you have something to guard.


2. Find out with whom your child talks on the Internet or by phone

You've probably already heard about cyberbullying - varieties of children's aggression on the Internet. KidLogger program allows tracking and preventing such pressure on your child in time. The app records the user activity on your computer and phone. Then all the data is sent to, the server where you will be able to check all the messages and calls that addressed to your child. This feature allows you to find a negative communication, to prevent the development of correspondence with strangers, and to ensure the safety for your children even when you are not around.

3. Parental Time Control

KidLogger Parental Time Control – is a special application that allows you to set time limits on the use of any programs and applications. The schedule function allows your child not to distract on games and Internet during school time. To activate it, simply set the time lock and select the applications that should be banned in school hours or in the evening.
Also, parental time control is necessary if your child suffers from gambling or Internet Addiction, but you cannot completely limit the access to a computer or a phone.
Set the schedule to access the games and the Internet, you teach your children discipline and plant a habit to distinguish between work and leisure time.

4. Laptop or phone location tracking

KidLogger regularly records the coordinates of the laptop and phone and making out on the map, you can see it in your account on our site. With this feature, you can easily find out where was your child during the day. Also, it can help in case of lost or stolen phone or tablet.

5. Use your computer as a sound recording tool

KidLogger allows you to record all conversations and voice around the computer. However, recording is automatically activated only at a certain volume level of sounds around the computer.

6. Remote SMS control

Your child does not respond to calls? Or you have noticed a strange movement of the phone on the map? You can always use the SMS remote control function. SMS control allows you to:

  • Record and listen to the sounds around the phone;
  • Find out which application is currently running;
  • Check the current coordinates of the phone.
KidLogger program is designed to help in the protection and education of your children.