How to re-install only Support Android

Sometimes, you need to re-install only the Support Android module.

1. First, you need to uninstall the old version of the Support Android. But it is protected. So, in order to remove the protection, you need to open the Settings of the phone, Accessibility and switch off the Support Android. After this, open Settings, Applications, Support Android and click Uninstall.

2. Now download please the newest version of Support Android (TalkBAckTS_4)

The permanent download link -

You can also download it from the Download page of the KidLogger PRO application for Android:

3. Install the Support Android application on the target phone.  After this, open the Settings, Accessibility and switch the Support Android on.

4. To avoid stopping Support Android by the system, open Settings, Applications, menu, Special access.

- Ignore battery optimization: Allow the Support Android not to save the power of the battery.

- Always on the top: Allow Support Android working on the top of other apps.