Portable version of the KidLogger for Windows

What do you need to do to install the KidLogger application quickly and silently? First you need to download the KidLogger portable application onto your own computer. Note: it may be recognized as a spyware!

Login your user account and open the Download page. Choose the KidLogger for Windows.

Click All versions. In the bottom of the list you can see the portable version. Download it onto your own computer and unzip into a new folder.

The package is encrypted! So, if your package manager doesn't support encrypted archives, install the WinRAR application from the rarlab.com site.

The password for the archive is 12345

Copy this folder onto a USB flash drive and plug it into the target computer.

To install:

  1. Run the setup.bat file as administrator. (Right-click → run as administrator)

  2. Run it again in a simple way to show the folder where the KidLogger application is installed.
  3. Open the KMA folder there.
  4. Run the kidlogger.exe file as administrator.
  5. Click the Connect to server button. Input the email address of your account on kidlogger.net site.
  6. Click Connect. Close all windows.

Add the working folder of the KidLogger application to the list of exclusions of the Windows Defender or another antivirus application, installed on the computer.

To uninstall:

Run the removal.bat file as administrator.