How to install KidLogger PRO for Android (1.6.179+ )

This version is specially designed for Android 10 and 11. This version does not initially contain any icon.

  • Phone prepare;
  • Disable Google protection;
  • Disable notifications of Google Play and Google Play Services.
  • Download and launch the application;
  • Configure the application;
  • Connect to account;
  • Hide the application;
  • Disable antivirus protection for a while, because any monitoring program can be detected as a spyware;
  • Disable the Google Protect service. Read, please, how to do it>>
  • You need to uninstall KidLogger Parental Control (old version of free KidLogger for Android) application, because it is incompatible with KidLogger PRO;
  • Uninstall Support Android, Helper Service(KidLogger Helper) and TalkBackTS application, if it was installed before;
  • Go to the Download page and find KidLogger PRO for Android download link or button;
  • Download and install AndroidPRO.apk file.

Video: Installation 1.6.179 on Samsung A20S Android 11

Video: Installation on Samsung A6+ Android 10

Video: Installation on Samsung J8+ Android 8

Video: Installation on Xiaomi Mi A2 lite Android 10

1. Install the AndroidPRO_1.6.179.apk file.

Here is no Open command. Click Done

2. To launch the application, open Settings of the phone, Accessibility

3. Choose the Installed services group

4. Click the System Android application. 


5. Switch the System Android on. 


6. Click Allow in the warning window

7. Click the Settings button

8. Click the Activate application button.

9. Here you need to provide the access to all necessary phone resources.

10. Here you have to click all these buttons from the top to the bottom to configure and connect the application to your account. Click Allow usage data access.

Allow access for the System Android.

11. Go back and click the Allow Administration access button.

Activate it in the settings of the device.

12. Click the Test Screenshot button.

Set your phone not to ask again and click Start.

Note: If you see a message as in the screenshot below, it means that this phone will inform the user every time, that the KidLogger PRO tries to take a screenshot.

To ensure the confidentiality, it is recommended to disable the screenshot creation on this phone. You can do this from the server side on the Settings page.

13. The Test Screenshot button remains to be on the screen. It is ok.

Click the Callback setup button

Enter your phone number and click Test call.

If appear a question like "choose application to perform a call", select the Phone application and click Always.

14. If you want to record passwords click the Install Android Keyboard button

Click here to get known how to record passwords with Android keyboard.

15. Go back and click the Install Support Android.

The system will ask you whether you allow installation applications from this source. Click Settings.

Allow installation.

Click Install

16. Go back and click the Activate Support Android and System Android button.

Turn on Support Android and System Android in phone settings / Accessibility.

17. Go back and allow System Android and Support Android programs to run on top of other programs

18. Allow the System Android program not to save battery power

19. Go back and click the Notification Access button.

Allow the System Android app to access notifications

20. Go back and click the Connect to Server button.

Select "Your account".

Enter your email address and click OK.

A new device ID will appear in this field.

21. Click Prevent to launch this activity.

The icon of System Android will never appear on the screen.

22. Remove the installation package if you no longer need it.

23. Two modules with the names System Android and Support Android appeared in the list of installed programs. It will be impossible to remove them while the Support Android program is active in Settings / Accessibility.

Advantages of the method:

  • It  records the keystrokes from all input methods;
  • It  restarts KidLogger PRO application, if it was stopped by other application or by system;
  • It prevents KidLogger PRO from uninstalling;
  • It records descriptions of YouTube movies, seen by child;
  • It records addresses in Web browsers, visited by child;
  • It records messages in Instant messengers, seen by child;
  • It creates screenshots in IM.

Known issues:

  • doesn't record passwords
  • Login your user account on site and open Settings page. Choose a device from the list and disable or enable monitoring features you want. Here you can also install or change the password to launch the KidLogger control panel.
  • Click the Save button.
  • Restart the target device. Without restarting, the new settings will be applied within an hour.
  • To launch KidLogger PRO control panel, call *123456#
  • To see the settings, click the hardware menu button or use the menu of the KidLogger PRO application.
  • Click Settings.

On a tablet, install KMA_keyboard.apk (a secret module for tablets) from the KidLogger PRO download page. Device Settings-->Language&input --> KMA_keyboard -> ON. Click on the icon in the right part of the window, on the level of KMA_keyboard. Insert the code *123456# in the text field and press Launch Control Panel.

Read, please here how to record surrounding sound using remote control application for parents.

Read, please here how to use SMS-commands.

  • Some Android smartphones can’t track the calls. It may be caused by the concurrency with other sound-recording applications.
  • Many Android smartphones record only one side of a conversation. Google politics for  Android disallows recording the sound from the speakers of the phone. Some manufacturers don't respect this policy, and on several types of phones, using Kidlogger Pro it is possible to record both voices.
  • KidLogger PRO can be detected as a spyware by antivirus applications. Configure them to ignore Support Android and System Android.

You want to change a standard password *123456# to a new one, log in your user account and open Settings page. Choose your device from the list. Change the password in Application access password field. Save the settings and restart target phone. For example. If you wrote there 123, you need to call *123# to launch the application. 

If the application is not connected to the server, uninstall the KidLogger PRO app from your device and install it again.

  • Clean master - completely incompatible. It stops background processes without asking a user.
  • ES file manager - completely incompatible: permanently finds background processes and proposes a user to stop them, ignoring exception list.
  • KidLogger parental control: before installing KidLogger PRO, you need to uninstall this simple version. Address conflict.
  • StaffCounter monitoring agent for Android: KidLogger-family application. The same as KidLogger parental control.
  • aQooQoo monitoring agent for Android: KidLogger-family application. The same as KidLogger parental control.
  • Dr.Web antivirus application - relative compatible. It finds Kidlogger in background processes. Just click Ignore, when the notification appears.
  • Other antivirus or memory-optimizing applications may be completely or relatively incompatible, depending on exception list usage.

Troubleshooting for KidLogger PRO