KidLogger PRO 1.6.152

For Android 5.1 - 9


Release notes: Added notification recording.

Note! In Standard and in Basic account it will work in Demo mode: onlt 10 messages, 10 screenshots and 10 call records since the installation.


Beta-versions for Android 10


How to install
KidLogger PRO
for Android

Important! If you have Android 6 and newer Read please how to diasable embedded power-saving apps regarding to Kidlogger PRO>>


Remote control application for KidLogger PRO

Download screen-reader module (Support Android)

Download keystroke-recording module (Android Keyboard)  Read more about how to record passwords >>.

Download a secret module for tablets

Tests KidLogger PRO for Android

It is important!

Read please how to prevent KidLogger from being stopped by Google Play services>>

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