How to set up the built-in «Parental Control» feature in Windows?

Parental Control feature provides time restrictions for computer, games and applications usage. Take advantage of our step by step instruction for setting up computer for your children.  

What should you start from?

Before you start a setup, make sure your kid has his/her own user account on the computer. The procedure of creating user accounts is the same for all Windows. Let us show you the way you can do it, for example, in Windows 7.  

  • Go to Control Panel through Start menu on your computer. Create/Edit a user account.


Note: your kid’s user account should be standard, without administrative rights. Optionally, you can set the icon and password, though the latter is not obligatory.  


So after you have created the user account for Kids, you should set up Parental Control for the Kid’s user account.


  • Enable Parental Control settings. Now you can set up the following features: time limits, games restrictions and permission to install third-party applications on your computer.  We will consider each feature separately.


  1.       Time restrictions.

In the opened window you’ll see the time grid. There in the grid you can specify the working hours and games allowed for your kids. It will be more comfortable, if you select by mouse all sections as blocked and then choose specific hours allowed for your kid. It mostly suits parents with very young users when computer using takes no more than a couple of hours a day.

2.       Games Restrictions

The world-wide practice set up age restrictions based on the games ratings. When the game is ready for release almost all publishers submit their game to a special council for rating. Windows applies ESRB rating system.

Indicate the access type:

  • Early Childhood (EC)
  • Everyone (E)
  • Everyone 10 + (E10+)
  • Teen 13-19 (T)
  • Mature 17 + (M)
  • Adults Only 18 + (Ao)

You can also block (prohibit) the games with no rating assigned. Or games and other entertainment disks which have been rated by the European Rating System PEGI (Pan European Game Information).

Applications Restrictions

Since it takes no troubles even for younger children to install additional programs, we do recommend that you enable the third Parental Control feature from your programs’ list – Applications Restrictions. Select “Block installing/uninstalling programs” This way you can supervise videos viewing or cyberspace surfing.  

Note: setting restrictions for teenagers take into account individual peculiarities of the age given. Here is a psychologist’s advice. (A link to a psychologist’s column)

Here is the picture of the set up user account with all the mentioned features enabled.

  • Restart Windows. In the Welcome screen you’ll see at least 2 user accounts. That one of yours –computer administrator and that one of your kid – standard user account with the Parental Control enabled. By the icon in the task bar you’ll see that the Parental Control has been set up.
  • In case your kid will try to open the program or game blocked, the system instantly gives you the message informing you that this application is blocked.

  • In case the younger user wants to stay by computer beyond the set up hours limits, the system will inform you about it with the following message: The restrictions for your user account do not permit you to log in.

Just make sure your administrative account – that one that belongs to you - has been password protected. Be careful and do not leave any notes with the password stuck to your monitor and keep your writing pads in a drawer locked with the key.