Recording typed keystrokes log (SoftKeyboardPRO replacement)

Updated: 27 October/2014

We are glad to publish new version of KidLogger for Android phones and tablets that allows to record typed text and keystrokes without changing input method (keyboard).

New application name is Screen Text Capturer and it is available for free with KidLogger Pro membership, included into KidLogger PRO setup package. Since these updates "SoftKeyabord PRO" will no longer supported and its development ends.

Screen Text Capturer features:

  • Records text entered both by Voice recognition and typed in any other input method or on-screen keyboard;
  • Does not replace standard virtual keyboard, does not install additional input method;
  • Support devices with external keyboards also (slide out keyboards, connected by USB, wireless);
  • Records incoming and outgoing messages in IMO, Skype, Facebook, Line, Viber, Whatsapp, Kik,
    Hike, BBM, Tango and KakaoTalk
  • Log visited Youtube videos, opened email messages.
  • Restarts Kidlogger PRO background service, if it was stopped by some application or system.
  • It is compatible with any Android starts from 2.2

"Screen Text Capturer" also contains a few experimental features:

  •     A possibility to log a name of Videos watched on YouTube application.
  •     Log the name of email subject viewed by user in Gmail or Email apps.
  •     Log the list of visited Web sites within any other Web Browser (Chrome, and default Internet browser)
  •     Records incoming and outgoing messages in Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, Line and Facebook messenger(Android 4.0 and newer);
  •     Restarts the Kidlogger PRO, if it was stopped by some application or system.

Known issues:

- On some devices after the activating of our module, the phone begins to speaking the user's actions in some applications.

- One Web message may appear several times in log.

- Please note it may log entered keystrokes inaccurate, depending on where it was entered and what input method was used (on-screen keyboard, voice input, external keyboard) and input method options (like text prediction, auto correction)

- We are still polishing Screen Text Capturer to make all "captures" accurate.


How to try new application "Screen Text Capturer" :

  • Signup and Upgrade your account to Pro;
  • Download KidLogger PRO on the phone\tablet;
  • Install apk files from KidLogger PRO package, use readme.txt for instructions.
  • Activate  "Screen Text Capturer" feature (use readme.txt for instructions)

"Screen Text Capturer" development

Please note "Screen Text Capturer" applicationis still under development. There are applications where text typing cannot be captured. Also "Screen Text Capturer" does not record typed passwords (in password entry fields)

But you may greatly help us to improve "Screen Text Capturer" - Please see "TROUBLESHOOTING" section within readme.txt file. Help us and receive free membership Upgrade for 6 Month!

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