Kidlogger PRO with conversation recording

We are glad to introduce a new version of Support Android module, which contains a function of Sound recording. Now it records Skype, Whatsapp and Viber calls in 3 minutes of the conversation.
In future we plan do make it more flexible and record all the conversations.
You can downalod it from KidLogger PRO download page for Android.

When you install KIdLogger PRO application, the module will be downloaded and installed during the configuration of the application.

We except your feedbacks: inform us in case the sound was not recorded and tell what your model of the phone is. Our contact form>>

Before install the new version of Support Android module, you need to uninstall previous one:

Settings of the phone, Applicaiton manager, Support Android -> Uninstall.

Log in your user account on and open Download page. KidLogger PRO is accessible for Prefessional users. Choose KidLogger PRO for Android,find there keystroke-recording module Support Android and download it. After this install the application and make it active in Settings/Accessibility.

Perform a test call in Skype, Wiber or Whatsapp messenger. A phone should ask you for the permission to record the sound. Allow it please.

The sound records will be accessible on Voice records page.

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We’re happy to hear any suggestions you might have about improving KidLogger.

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